Daily Inspiration: December 23. All Nightmares End with You Awakening from Them

Despair no longer, for even our darkest nightmares end with us awakening from them. As invested as we may be in our pain and struggle when we are experiencing them, the only power that these aspects of our experience hold over us, is the power that we give to them. Give them no power, give them no more of your time, focus and energy, and behold their power over you begin to dissolve before your greater self-awareness. If we give them our time, focus and energy, then yes, that will give them a greater seeming hold over us, and thus give them a greater power over us. Yet, no matter how much power they seem to hold over our experience, once we see them as simple manifestations of our false beliefs, it is then that we will begin to awaken to what they truly are, illusions, nothing, not real. Today, if we hold a belief about others or ourselves that is hurting us, let us remember that a belief, is just an idea that has been thought over again and again, so much so, that it no longer takes an effort to think that thought. Only the thought, the Love of God is truly real, thus any belief that is hurting you is not in truth real, it is simply a nightmare that, because you are so invested in it, you temporarily see and experience it as real. Yet again, do not despair, for all nightmares just like all illusions, being from the world of time, have a time limit, and so you will awaken from them, and when you do, you will breathe a sigh of relief, because you will realize that they were never really real in the first place. If you can take a moment to look back at your past and see how you have always awaken from your nightmares, then you can begin to realize that you can and will awaken from any present or future nightmares too. Nightmares, being in opposition to the Love of God, are not, have never been, nor will ever be, true. Recall this, place your trust in God’s Love and mercy, awaken to The Light in you, and be at peace.

Have we all not slept long enough? When you choose to awaken you will no longer have an interest in judging yourself or those who still sleep. All the childish little judgmental games that the ego has programmed us to use during the day, just so that we may fuel its illusionary nightmares at night, when we awaken, we will put them away and use no more. Is it not interesting that regardless of the hundreds of different looking nightmares that we through our life have experience, once we awaken, they are all gone? Does this mean nothing to you? Can you not see that once you make the conscious decision to trust in God’s plan over your ego’s plan, that when you choose love over fear, forgiveness over judgment, and peace over pain, that the ego’s fuel source will be cut off, and so it must begin to wither away and die off before your greater self-awareness and understanding? The more you understand and have faith in your true loving nature, the less illusionary thinking you will create to fill up and fuel those nightmares. Today, let us remember this: The ego and all its delusional games and ideas are not real, you are, your Truth is. Your Truth is that you are your Father’s, Love’s creation. You are here to create as He created, through Love. Today, let us make the conscious choice to create through Love’s energy and expressions, such as those of kindness, hope, forgiveness, compassion, joy and peace. The more we make the conscious choice to focus on and create through Love, the more time and energy we spend aligned with Love, the less material the ego will have to fuel its nightmares. Love is All, and thus nightmares and the thoughts that fuel them, being in opposition to Love, must not be real. Remember this anytime that you find yourself in the ego’s nightmares, that they are not real, and that the only power they could ever hold over us, is the power that we give to them.

Today, let us not make feelings, facts. You believe the nightmare is real, because you keep supporting its “reality,” not because the nightmare is truly real. Once you stop supporting its reality, it will begin to dissolve away as you start awakening from it. All nightmares of anger, sorrow, fear, resentment, hate, or regret, we will, through forgiveness and a greater trust in God’s plan, awaken from. Once forgiveness, which is an expression of Love, and Love which is a symbolic alignment with God, is offered, awaking occurs and the nightmare is gone. If you are still so invested in the nightmare that you cannot offer forgiveness or self-forgiveness, at the very least today, make the conscious choice to move in awakening’s direction. Begin to awaken by consciously picking thoughts that feel good for you to think, and which you can believe and support as parts of the loving truth in you. You don’t want to increase your guilt by saying things that you don’t really yet believe or resonate with. Thus, instead of forgiving your sister when you don’t really mean it, maybe you can say something like: “I can’t yet completely forgive my sister, but I know that God is forgiving, and I know I am One with God, therefore there is a part of me, that can through God’s mercy and grace, begin to forgive her. I can, through God’s mercy and grace, begin thinking and practicing more forgiving, kind, gentle and peaceful thoughts when my sister comes into my mind. And if I still cannot think as God would have me think, then I allow God to think these loving thoughts for me, until I can consciously appreciate the wisdom of His thinking. I am, as God’s creation, worthy of peace of mind and joy, but being that we are all One, I now know that I can not withhold forgiveness, peace and joy from another, and still experience them myself. Awakening to this knowledge, I now offer all others, what I myself desire to experience today.”

Today, when feeling stuck in the ego’s nightmares, let us no longer put ourselves or others down for this lack of self-awareness, instead let us use such states of mind to trigger in us the need to awaken. Love and Light are symbols that we are awake, and Love and Light have many expressions, such as those of forgiveness, having a greater trust in God, peace, compassion and joy. Nightmares themselves are not the truth in us, but simply symbols that we are unaware or asleep to our true nature. These symbols of a mind asleep are those of self-judgment and judgment of others, anger, resentment, jealousy and hate. Let us no longer punish ourselves or others for being asleep, let us simply recognize that we are out of alignment with our true loving nature, and then let us allow this self-awareness, to help begin to awaken us from the ego’s dream.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

  1. Shaunna Newman
    Shaunna Newman12-23-2016

    Powerful Truths!
    May God Bless and keep you!
    Thank you!

  2. Marrissa Walker
    Marrissa Walker12-23-2016

    I have a very hard time with forgiving others. While I utter the words that “I forgive you,” from my lips, inside there’s a constant battle of conflicting emotions taking place. In which, causes me to hold on to the idea of what the individual(s) have done, thus, causing me to remove myself or even them from my life completely. I am indeed concerned for myself because I would like o build healthy, long-lasting relationships, however, I am quick to judge the behaviors of others and proceed to push them away or take flight whenever I feel as though they have wronged me. Furthermore, I have begun to do some very serious self-inventory, which has lead me to some pretty amazing discoveries about myself. Nevertheless, I thank you all so kindly for the daily reminders, as they are truly helpful and beneficial for the betterment of my growth and development. Thank You!

  3. Barbara

    Once again you gave me the inspiration I need today! Thank you!

  4. Anne

    I am in the midst of a painful situation where someone has hurt me deeply.
    I may not be ready to forgive, but this reading helped me remember that my anger and bitterness towards someone else is also hurting me.
    Because they are also me.
    It has awakened a compassion for their actions and softened my anger.
    Plus, I am going to focus today on the lovely things in my life…my awesome kids. My coffee. And remember that dwelling on something I can’t change will get me nowhere.

    Thank you for this perfectly timed message.

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