Daily Inspiration: December 24. Christmas Eve’s True Gifts

This Christmas Eve, we remember that it is not by chance that we are coming together with the people we share this holy night. You and them have, as silently and unconsciously as it may be, made a spiritual commitment to each other to come together and help recall, refocus, reinforce and reflect the light within. To truly experienced and be blessed by the totality of your light, it must shine outward and touch everyone and all. If it is not touching everyone and all, then it is we, through our own misperceptions and our believe in the ego’s programming, who are blocking it. We are all One, and so if you are withholding the light from another, you are blocking your whole-self from fully experiencing it. The ego has tried to program into you that if you share your light, it will be diminished, or that you will lose it, or even that it will be wasted away, but in reality, because we are all One, all that you share with others, you also get to experience and keep yourself. By helping light the way for others, you will be bringing greater clarity, fulfillment, peace and joy to your own path. If the people we are with tonight are helping us better see and understand where we are withholding the totality of The Light from ourselves, then gratitude, not judgment should be our response to them. No one could ever make you feel anything without your permission. Only when we believe in the false as true, in the illusion as reality, could we perceive in another person, something other than The Love That Is All and created all of us. If you are able to start seeing the opposite of All, illusions as what they are, nothing, then you would no longer need to defend yourself against nothing, and peace and joy would be all that you would be, see, experience and share. View and think of your brothers and sisters as you will, but know this, they are simply mirroring your internal condition. If your internal condition believes in the false as true, then confusion and chaos will result. If your internal condition has awaken to the reality that only the Love of God and Its expressions are true, then peace of mind and joy will reflect from within you and unto this world.

What if we were able to experience our blocks, this darkness and its symbols, such as those of our judgments, anger, anxiety, resentment, and hate, not as something to put ourselves or others down for, but as a way to better understand who we no longer desire to be? What if we understood, that all those people who seem to bring these energies and emotions up and out of us, are in reality, simply helping us detox, see what we are holding within, that is not serving our highest good? Would our attitudes towards others and our so-called negativity and negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions, not begin to shift to a place of greater clarity, light, peace and understanding? What if we could begin to see, all this so-called negativity as helpful? How would that begin to change our own self-perception, days and thus life? Imagine every day, putting yourself and others down less and less, because you began to realize that everything that you feel and experience can indeed be helpful, and that God indeed uses everything for our good, growth, healing and to help us awaken to who in truth we are. How much less judgment of yourself and others would you drag around and carry within you, if The Light of God’s Love for you, began to trickle through the new cracks in your blocks, in your misperceptions of self and others? Today, in this sacred time of Christmas, when the gifts of hope, light, gratitude, forgiveness, peace and joy, are born again, let us use our darkness, not to perpetuate it, but to better understand and feel how unlike it is to the truth within us, and then let us begin to dismantle and dissolve it from our experience. Hope, Light, Love and Peace are your true Home, it is aligned with these states of mind where you truly belong, who you truly are, and what you have come down here to share with all others.

Tonight, instead of judgment, anger, and resentment, let us with greater understanding and self-awareness, substitute all these darken blocks for Christmas Eve’s true gifts of hope, light, gratitude, forgiveness, peace and joy. What other than Love’s expressions would you want to share with someone who is helping you lift these heavy darken blocks off you, and thus setting you finally and forever free from the ego’s judgment centered programs and mindset? Let us remember that if we are currently experiencing darkness instead of light, to be sure to offer gratitude instead of judgment to those who seem to be acting in ways that pull out those darken illusionary thoughts, feelings, and emotions, out of us, so that we can better see and understand what false beliefs are separating us from who we truly are. Now, let us understand that our brothers and sisters actions, no matter how much the ego demands that we judge them, are only helping us better shine a light onto those darken areas within of our own hearts and minds that are asking for help and healing. Yes, through their participation in our life, those you are with tonight, those who the ego has taught you to curse and condemn to a life without you, are in reality helping you shine a light onto who you no longer desire to be, and by doing so, they are helping you remember who you were created to be, truly are, and desire to be. They are in your life to help you remember that you are a child of The Light, of The Love Who Is All, this is who you forever are and will be, you can be consciously aware of this or unconscious of this truth, that is free will, that is your choice to make, and that choice is always, in every moment available to you in the ever-present now. Today, recall and practice being who in truth you are by offering Love and Light to all who are presented to you. Do so, and the true gift that you will be opening tonight, will be you.

Today, let us recall that we are all One, and so when we withhold our light from another, we fail to fully experience it ourselves. We are the children of The Light, offered as gifts to this world, to help those who find themselves stuck in the dark, find a way back into alignment with The Light, with who they truly are, and came here to be and share. Hope, forgiveness, charity, peace, joy and understanding, these are all expressions of The Light, of who in truth you are, offer them to all who you are presented with today, and you will be reminding yourself of your mission here on Earth. You are God’s gift to this world, and we are all One. Others may be unaware of The Light in them, but this is a reason why you have been placed before them. There is no such thing as chance, you are in front of them for a sacred reason, for your Source is Love and All, and desire us nothing more than to recall and share who in truth we are, the physical expressions, the sons and daughters of The Light.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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