Daily Inspiration: February 2. Words Show Us the State of Our Hearts and Minds

No one who is fully healed hurts others. Only those who are themselves hurt, hurt others. Words, as verbal manifestations of thoughts, always show us where we are within our hearts and minds. Today, let us pay special attention to the words we use, thus allowing them to show us our state of mind. Let us today, pay close attention to how they guide us to a world of pain or a place of peace. Today, let us allow our words to lead us in leaving the world of anger, sorrow and regret behind, and beholding one where only the peace of God forever resides. Let us today, try to pay close attention to every word we use when speaking to ourselves or others, for the more conscious we are of them, the more present we are, the more personal responsibility we will take for them, and the more conscious control we will have over our own growth, healing and awakening. Although at first paying closer attention to the words you use may appear to be a large task, it simply appears this way because you are going from the unconscious to the conscious state. When you become truly present, you go from living in a foreign land, confuse and lost, to returning Home, a place where clarity, peace, love and understanding reign supreme. It is our true Home, that we have come to Earth to remind others of. Heaven on Earth, truly is only a choice away. Our natural state is the conscious state, and so once you practice and get used to taking personal responsibility for the words that you are using, it will become a natural and normal thing for you to do. As you become more conscious of the words you are using, and begin taking greater responsibility for them, you will start to naturally want to align your words with your Creator, with Love, with your true nature. Your truth, Creator and nature are Love, and so why would your true words ever be anything other than loving?

Today let us not, as the ego would have us do, judge ourselves for the words that we or others use. Instead, let us make the conscious choice to hear this world with forgiving ears, and in doing so, remember and reinforce that each and every moment, can be use for our growth, healing and awakening. Knowing this, we today use words to help heal us, and not to judge ourselves or others. Imagine, the gentle, peaceful, loving and joyful nature of a life, where you no longer continue to judge yourself or others for what is said, instead you take what is said as a gift, as an opportunity to see where you currently reside within your heart and mind, and thus the areas within yourself where you can now focus on, grow, heal and awaken. What else but gratitude could we have for a process, and those in that process, who are showing us our internal condition, and who are, through their participation in our life, helping us grow, heal and awaken? Where else but the state of peace would we reside, if we fully understood, that every single word that is being uttered, is being used for our benefit, and because we are all One, for the benefit of all mankind. This is the world that is available to you, and this world is always just a simple choice away. And so today, let us allow Love to birth our words, and yet when love is not birthing them, become equally grateful that they are now offering you an opportunity, to heal the unhealed in you, to align what is out of alignment with your Creator, to bring peace, love, joy, hope and understanding, to those parts of your heart and mind that are currently unconsciously feeling at war with itself, unloved, joyless and hopeless, in essence, let us today, return to Love, to being a representative of our true Home.

Today, let us through our words, bring comfort to the lost, and hope to those in need of healing. Today, our words help show us when we are in, or out of alignment, with our Creator, with Love. Let us offer our words, gratitude, for showing us when we are being who we were created to be, or when we are forgetting to be who we were created to be. Today, when we are forgetting to be who we were created to be, we no longer judge ourselves or others as not spiritual, good or wise enough, instead we become grateful to our words, for showing us that where we are, we do not belong. Our creator is Love, and He created us to create as He created, through Love, we in essence are Love’s expressions, and Love’s expressions can in truth only express themselves in a loving way. Thus, when we are expressing ourselves lovingly, our words are loving, they are joyful, peaceful, hopeful, compassionate, kind, generous and caring. This, Love, is our true home, and by interacting with others through these words, we are reminded of and reinforce our true nature. Let us be grateful to those who today hear our words, for they are helping us practice aligning with our Creator. What else but gratitude could you in truth have, for someone who is helping you align more consciously with your Creator? And so today, let us take a few moments during our day to simply close our eyes, take a few deep breaths, and remind ourselves of our intention for this day, “Today, I will use my words for comfort, hope, and healing. Today, through my words, I return to, and become an example of, my loving Home, my Source, God. In doing so, may I light the path for all those who currently are finding it too dark to see.”

Today, let us not judge ourselves for our words, as the ego would demand we do, instead let us offer them our deep and sincere gratitude, for showing us, when we are in, or out of alignment, with The Mind of God. God, Love, is our true Home, and what we have come to Earth to remind others of. When our words are aligned with Love, or any of its expressions, such as when they are kind, peaceful, joyful and hopeful, they are aligned with our Creator, and who our Creator created us to be. When we find ourselves and our words, out of alignment with God, with Love, do not judge yourself or others, instead use these non-aligned words as symbols and signs, that show you where you need to correct your path. Then thank these non-aligned words for their service to you, for helping you remember who you are not, and by doing so, helping you recall who you truly are and were created to be.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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  1. Brenda

    I really love this in my email. I am not working right now but when I do get full time work I will try to support this site, I share on FB


    Thank you for todays quote, I am angry with myself and every one because my son isn’t turning out the way I expect him to educationally, and sometimes I tell him words that are not too pleasant, I hope I can forgive myself, how do I get out of it

    • James Blanchard Cisneros
      James Blanchard Cisneros02-02-2017

      Thank you Hyeladzira for being open to the message. You have co-created your journey with God. Your son has co-created his journey with God. Trust in the plan and journey that God has set up for and with your son and you will have peace of mind and joy. Trust in the plan that your ego thinks your son should follow and confusion, pain and sorrow result. You have free will, you can in every moment choose between peace of mind and joy, or confusion, pain and sorrow. God is Love, and forgiveness, peace of mind and joy are expressions of Love. When an angry thought pops into your mind, that is not the God in you that is thinking, that is the lost ego self. Offer the opposite of what the ego would, offer forgiveness instead of anger, God is forgiveness and He desires you to experience Him, so forgive yourself and others and unite once again with God. Today and every day say to yourself: “Above all else, today I choose to trust God and His plan for me and my family. When I am experiencing peace of mind and joy, I am experiencing God’s plan for me and my family. God, I trust you, and now I hand over to You all my worries, judgments of self and others, my anger, frustration, suffering and pain, and let them now dissolve in Your Loving light. God, I now fully allow Your Will to be done, Thy Will be done.” Peace. JBC

  3. Terry Wheeler
    Terry Wheeler02-03-2017

    I am deeply moved by your words. I will be better today.

  4. Natasha

    I loved reading this, this morning. I struggle with the thought that whatever I say is never what it “should” be. Or that I could have been nicer, kinder, more gentle, second guessing everything I say. It’s rememering not to judge myself and be okay with what is. Not to take the hurtful words of others personally and use love no matter how easy it may be to go into anger. It’s remembering this that is the practice for me.

    • James Blanchard Cisneros
      James Blanchard Cisneros01-29-2018

      Thank you Natasha for your comment. When you use or feel like you used an unkind word, do not put yourself down as the ego would like you to do, instead thank those unkind words for showing you where your heart and mind are at, showing you that where you are, you do not belong. Then gently correct yourself and bring yourself back into alignment with the energy of Love, your true Home. The more we get to practice noticing when our thoughts and words are not where they should be, the better we can get at catching ourselves sooner and sooner when there, and thus the less time we will have to spend align with those lower vibrations. And so thank your unkind words for helping you practice leaving a world where you do not belong and returning back Home, Love, so that you can share your truest self with all others. And so you see, even those words that you think you should not say, when seen through Loves eyes, are a gift that you are giving yourself and this planet. Remember this, and be at peace, for you are God’s creation, our sister, and thus forever worthy of peace.

      When others use unkind words, remember, that their truth is only Love, and so it is not the truth in them speaking to you, it is the ego-self, the false self, the programmed-self, the self that because it put itself in opposition to Love, God, All, does not truly exist. We all have free will, we all can choose anger and judgment or forgiveness and peace, and so what your brothers and sisters are truly doing when they say unkind words, is offering you the opportunity to practice forgiveness and peace. Be thankful for them for this. The more you get to practice choosing forgiveness and peace over anger and judgment, the more right and natural this behavior will feel. By choosing forgiveness and peace over and over again you will realize that you are truly worthy of experiencing and sharing forgiveness and peace. Thank those brothers and sisters who remain asleep within the ego’s dream for helping you practice healing, so that you can help us in assisting this planet to heal. Peace. JBC

      • Natasha

        Thank you, James.

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