Daily Inspiration: January 18. Peace In Our Puzzle’s Completion

We trust that when we go to our neighborhood store, and buy a puzzle made by some company in a far away land, that all the pieces will be in the box, that they will all fit perfectly together, and that we will successfully be able to complete the puzzle. And so, why is it so hard for us to believe and trust that when God gives us our box, the life that He has gifted us, that all the pieces, every step along our journey, are not already included and perfectly molded, so that we will be able to successfully complete our puzzle, and do what we have come here to do? Imagine, if you but fully trusted that indeed all the pieces in your life that you need, to live the life you want, are available to you, within you right now, already promised and fully guaranteed, by your Creator, through your creation. What need would you ever again have for frustration, anxiousness, stress, worry, anger, despair, or fear? Imagine, the relief you would have, as you wake up every morning, knowing that no matter what happens, it is all a part of a perfect plan, and that because we have co-created this plan with Love Himself, what else but loving could this plan in truth ever be? Would you not wake up every morning with joy in your heart, gratitude in your mind, and peace in your soul, if you recall that everything is already set up for your success. That it’s all been planned out, guided by One, who has your growth, healing and awakening in mind. Trust that the plan you have co-created with God, will best serve your growth, and that every step along your sacred path, will always serve your highest good. This is all you need trust and recall, to achieve the states of peace and joy. It is the states of peace and joy, that you as God’s creation, are forever worthy of. Today, allow the states of peace and joy, to become symbols to you, that you have indeed recalled and are trusting in your all-loving Source.

There will come a day when our puzzle will be completed and we will look back, see, fully understand and appreciate, how all the pieces fit so perfectly together. When we do, we will no longer curse certain pieces of our lives for thinking they could not fit into our journey. We will no longer stress out or fear that something does not seem to be going our way. We will no longer want to judge, punish and hate, others for not fulfilling what we thought their roles should be. We simply will view our puzzle’s completion, understand and appreciate everyone’s role in it, be grateful for the part that they played, and by doing so we will find peace. Imagine, waking up every morning, knowing that everyone you encounter, is a sacred part of this perfect plan that God has co-created with you. Would you not be grateful to everyone you met along your journey? Would you not wake up with a certain childlike interest to see who you are going to meet and interact with, and what perfect part of your journey they are about to play? Would there be any more need for you to judge or criticize them, to become frustrated, angry or resentful towards them, if you but remembered and trusted, that God being Perfection, can only create perfectly. Today, let us practice trusting in our Creator, believing that He always has our best interest in mind, and so whatever others paths may look like, or how they intersect with yours, that it is all exactly as it is supposed to be, to help you become the best version of yourself. Ask yourself: What would you not do for your children? When in doubt about any part of your journey’s sacred path, remember all that you would do for your children, then multiply that by infinity, and then ask yourself: “What would God not do for me, His child?”

Today, let us lift our arms high towards the Heavens and fully rejoice, for we have all been blessed with the gift of free will, and thus we do not have to wait for our puzzle’s completion, to find and experience peace and joy right now. All we simply need do, to find joy and peace now, is to trust that all the pieces are indeed in God’s box, and that because of this, we will complete our puzzle at our own perfect and sacred pace, and in the best way we know how. Why would we ever again need to stressed out or feel frustrated by our progress, when we know that our journey’s mission, being a sacred co-creation with God, is already assured. Why would we ever again need to feel stressed out or frustrated, when we now know, that we have all the pieces that we need, and that the successful completion of our puzzle is indeed fully promised and guaranteed by the Creator of the Universe? Imagine, all frustration, anxiousness, stress, worry, despair, and fear, now forever gone from your life, simply because you made the simple but conscious choice, to trust in your sacred partnership with the Creator of the Universe. Love is who our Creator is, and so when we are allowing Love, in any part of our journey, to lead the way, we are aligning with our Creator’s mission for us. A couple of physical manifestations and symbols of one who is in conscious alignment with His Creator’s will, are being in alignment with the states of peace and joy. The states of peace and joy are not something one needs to win, complete or be rewarded with because of their good deeds. The states of peace and joy are your inheritance, God’s gifts to you, and all you need to experience them is to accept your gift, open the box, and enjoy and consciously participate in, the challenge of the game that you have co-created with God.

Today, let us recall, that this puzzle we call our life, has been co-created with the Creator of the Universe. The Creator of the Universe being Love, only creates with our best interest in mind. The Creator of the Universe being Perfect, only creates perfectly. Because the Creator of the Universe is All, each and every step along your sacred path, must be perfect for you and for your growth, healing and awakening. When you are doubting any step along your path, you are unconsciously doubting God. You will never achieve true peace of mind, joy, clarity and understanding, as long as you are unconsciously judging God. Today, let us recall where the ego’s judgments of self and others, doubting God, have driven us to, to the states of anxiousness, worry, stress, anger, resentment, jealousy, hatred and revenge, basically no where we desire to be. Let us today, no longer doubt our perfect partnership with God, trust that His will is always being done, know that He always has our good in mind, and once again achieve the states of peace, joy, clarity and understanding, that are, as His children, our inheritance.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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  1. Theodore Damron
    Theodore Damron01-18-2016

    I AM constantly aware of “knowing ” that God /Creator / Source always is with me. Ohhh, what a wonderful “beingness “!!

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