Daily Inspiration: January 27. Our Truth Is Not Obtained, It Is Remembered.

Nothing that is given one is withheld from another. There are no levels of self-awareness, peace of mind, and joy, that any great teacher or guru has obtained, that are not obtainable to us. In fact, our truth is not as much obtained, as it is realized and remembered. The Love that was gifted to us in our creation, is our true eternal essence, it is all we have ever been, are now, and will always be. As we practice consciously aligning with the energy and expressions of Love, the memory of our truth will become clearer, we will have more clarity and shine brighter, and become a greater reflection and example of what is true and possible for all of us. Love has many expressions such as peace, joy, forgiveness, passion, and compassion. The more we practice aligning with such energies and emotions, the more we become them, the greater our light shines, the more others will see what is possible for them. Although Love’s expressions may differ in numerous ways, the truth in one of us is the truth in all of us, thus when we act from a place of Love, our thoughts, words, actions, reactions, and interactions will assist others in aligning with, and remembering, their true eternal essence and purpose. Today, when you see and interact with another, remember that God is entrusting you with His child, do not take such an opportunity lightly, use it to practice becoming the Love that you came here to be, then thank your brother or sister for helping you practice, and finally thank God for His trust in you. As God’s creation, you came into this planet with everything you needed within you, and so today journey within, see in which ways can you best represent the Love that you are, and bring these truths out into the world, so that others may begin to see that they themselves, also have everything they need to be who they came here to be, within them now.

God, Love, Truth, All, are One. Everything that is real, is who we forever are, everything else that is in opposition to All, is not real, and can only seem to be real to those asleep within the ego’s dream. Those who believe in the ego’s fairy tales, its delusions and dreams, are never judged by those who have remembered their Oneness with God, for why would anyone at One with God judge you, when in truth you are a part of him and him of you. The person who has awaken, who is at One with God, knows that he would only be judging himself if he judges you. The person who is at One with God loves you, because he loves himself, and because in truth he is only Love, so Love is all that he can in truth ever do or feel or be. If you are ever judged or feel judged, it is never by a person who has awaken to the truth in him, for it is impossible for him to judge you, for judgment is in opposition to Love which is All, and everything that is in opposition to All, is not real. When you are being or feeling judged, remember that it can never be the truth in another judging you, because no one’s truth can judge, because no one’s truth is interested in nothing. Thus, do not feel bad, sad, lonely or afraid, if you are being or feeling judged, because in truth, nothing is happening. No matter how much you have bought into the ego’s fairy tales as true, you in truth could never judge yourself, because it is not the truth in you doing so, because the truth in you, being only Love, can only love. And so you see, there is no more need to feel bad, sad, lonely, guilty or afraid, for all of them are not true, they are not real. Choose to awaken from the ego’s dream, and you will realize and remember that what I say to you is true. You are, and forever will be, as God’s created you, and God can only create lovingly and perfectly, which are both One with you.

Today, let us become an expression of the Love that is our truth, by making the conscious effort to align with the energies of peace, joy, forgiveness, passion, and compassion, that we feel in the moment, will most help our light shine bright. Because we have all individually co-created our journeys with God, the ways we express, like to express, and feel comfortable and natural expressing these energies, will be very individual to each one of us, and yet they will all be equally perfect for the part we have come here to play. Judge yourself no longer, simply be the light that you personally came here to be. Serve humanity in your own sacred, individual and unique way, and be proud of that. This world is incomplete without you and the sacred nature of what you have come into this world to do. You serve this world by simply being who in truth you are. You serve this world by aligning with, expressing and sharing your passions. It does not matter what those passions are, it does not matter how important others perceive those things to be, if it’s your thing, if it’s the thing that most brightens your light, then it is of most importance to us and to this planet. Through your example, through your passions, peace and joy, others will open up to following their own sacred journeys, no matter how those sacred journeys may look like, are perceived or appreciated by this world. No one’s path is more sacred or important than anyone else’s path. The ego would insist otherwise, simply because the ego’s main goal is to separate you from others so that it can have you to itself. Thus, in order to achieve this illusion of separation, the ego must use its main fuel source which is judgment. But rejoice, for only the truth is true, and so no one can in truth ever judge you or your sacred journey. And so today, let us all continue to focus more and more of our days, on bringing clarity and shine to our inner light, and by doing so we shall better light the path for those who are now, and will soon be, choosing to remember.

Today, let us practice spending more and more time journeying within, aligning with our passions, hopes, desires and dreams, in doing so, aligning with our sacred path, with the Love that we are and came here to be. Be who you came here to be, only you along with God know who that is. Today, let us allow our passions, hopes, desires and dreams to lead the way, and know that by doing so, we will begin to light the way for those who are currently finding it too dark to see. It is by doing so, that you will best serve this world. Remember, you are here on this planet right now, because you are needed here right now, plain and simple. If you were needed somewhere else, than somewhere else you would be. What God, through your creation has given you, is not, nor would it ever be, hidden from you. The Love that you are, and all that represents, is forever within you now. All that your loving essence needs to shine, is for you, through your free will, to focus on it. Focus on your loving nature, and your light will shine. Focus on it more and more, and brighter and brighter it will shine. Be and become who you came here to be, truly, there is nothing else you need ever do.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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