Daily Inspiration: May 5. Taking the First Step Towards Forgiveness

We may have been programmed to believe that taking the first step, being the first to offer forgiveness, is extremely hard and challenging. But isn’t its opposite, the judgmental weight that the ego has you carry, the continual thoughts that darken your days, the nights of tossing, turning, and losing sleep, aren’t they a much harder and heavier burden to carry? Sometimes we unconsciously choose the heavier burden, not to forgive, because of our own guilt resulting from the interaction. This guilt unconsciously reinforces in us the idea that we are not worthy of peace. And so in essence not forgiving another, is a way of unconsciously punishing yourself. Today, remember that God, being Love, desires you and all His children to have peace, which is an expression of love, and not to be stuck in the ego’s fairy tale that says that if you don’t forgive another, you somehow hold some invisible magical power over them. That desire for false power, is what is delivering the inner pain you feel. That pain does not come from someone else’s actions, but from your reactions to their actions. It is you, who through your own thoughts, are holding yourself captive within the ego’s judgment filled mindset. Yet the good news is this, if it is you who, through your own non-forgiving thoughts, are holding yourself captive, then it is also you, who can through your own forgiving thoughts, set yourself free. Would you rather be right and imprison within a foreign mindset, or be happy, at peace and free? That is a choice that you, thanks to free will, must make. Today, remember that your Creator is Love, and that forgiveness, joy, peace and freedom are all expressions of Love, thus you are forever worthy of them, and because we are all One, so too is everyone else.

Forgiveness is the doorway to peace. Only you, through free will, can walk yourself through that doorway. Today, to take the first step, simply realize that you value peace more than pain, and value being happy more than being right. Free will allows you, in any moment, to bring light into the darkness. Today, when the ego once again pushes for judgment, tell the ego that it and all its demands are lies that bring nothing but pain and regret, and that you have absolutely no more interest in supporting or following it. Then ask God to remind you of your true essence, the love that fuels your soul, and then offer this love, through its expressions such as forgiveness, compassion and understanding, to all those who are blessed to be in your presence today. As you blessed them with the love that you are, you will realize that it is because of their participation in your life, that you are once again able to practice aligning with the Love that God is, and in doing so experience His peace. When you realize this, gratitude will become your response to them. Your brothers and sisters are really in your life to help free you from the ego’s judgment base mindset. In such a mindset, you will choose to judge them over and over and over again, until you finally realize that the ego’s mindset has no true peace or joy that it can offer you. When you finally realize that judging yourself or others is not the way to peace, it is then that you will begin looking for a better way. This better way will lead you from judgment to forgiveness, which will then will lead you to the states of peace and joy that you have search for and desired.

Today let us make the conscious choice to carry the ego’s burdens no longer. Make the conscious choice to walk away from the ego’s judgment based programming and mindset. Today let us close our eyes and visualize that dark, heavy, dirty, worn down, and burdensome backpack of judgments that we have, due to our believe in the ego’s ideology, tethered to our souls and carried day and night. Let us physically feel ourselves taking this burdensome weight off our shoulders, handing it over to God, and letting it dissolve in His light, love, and understanding. Allow yourself to feel how truly freeing that is. Allow yourself to feel this weight truly lifting off your shoulders. Today take that one very deep and gratitude filled breath, that sigh of relief, that you have been waiting for so long to take, knowing that it is over, knowing that the past, thanks to forgiveness, is finally gone, released, forgiven, let go. Allow yourself today, to finally take, that first step towards the freedom, peace of mind and joy that forgiveness offers. You have the courage, peace, joy, love and ability to forgive, within you now, there is nothing, no matter how hard the ego tries to make it appear, that you cannot forgive. Out of 7 plus billion people, it is you who have been led to this message, take it as a sign, that you can forgive, that it is time to forgive, that you are worthy of the peace of mind and joy that forgiveness brings, and become the hero of your own journey, become the light within the ego’s darkness, the sanity within its madness, become the physical manifestation of the love that you were created and meant to be. Become a living physical example to all those lost in the ego’s fairy tale, that peace can indeed be chosen over pain, that being happy is much more valuable than being right, and that forgiveness is the way out of madness, chaos and confusion, that forgiveness is what can truly set them forever free.

Today, let us, no matter how judgmental we have been trained by the ego to be to another, to forgive them instead. Understanding that we are all One, when we forgive another, we free ourself from having to carry the burden of judgment. Forgiveness frees us from our own judgments, and by doing so, aligns us with the state of peace. Peace being an expression of Love who is our Creator, is our natural state. It is in our natural state where we belong. It is our natural state, that through forgiveness, we will today practice aligning with and becoming an expression and example of.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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  1. Teresa Nugent
    Teresa Nugent05-05-2016

    I have your Book which is a good reference to read when I need to. Great help to set you up for the day. Peace.

  2. yvonne gordon
    yvonne gordon05-05-2017

    I am goibg through a very bad time, and your words are keeping me going .
    Making me realize that i have to let past hurts go and move on.
    Thank yo for making a difference in my life.

    • James Blanchard Cisneros
      James Blanchard Cisneros05-05-2017

      Yvonne, thank you for being open to the message and for being a member of our community. Everyday remind yourself: “I forgive because I am worthy of peace.” Practice saying this to yourself over and over and over again until you remember that this is true. Practice placing your trust in God more and more each day by handing Him all your hurts, pains, resentments and worries, then feel and visualize them dissolving in His Light and Love. You were created in God’s imagine, you are love, and peace is an expression of love, thus you are forever worthy of peace. We are all One, offers all others what you desire yourself to feel and experience. Offer all your brothers and sisters, even and especially those the ego says are unworthy, offer them the love that you are, offer them all of love’s expressions such as compassion, forgiveness, pray for their health and happiness, do and feel this within you, every single day, as many times as you can a day, and you will feel these energies flowing through you and throughout your day. Continue to do this until your soul remembers, that as God’s creation, you are worthy of everything that is beautiful in life. Peace. JBC

  3. Reahla

    Thank You for this lovely message of forgiveness. I need this message because I thought I was justified in holding on to my anger and resentment. Not realizing that the cost was MY PEACE and MY HAPPINESS.

    • James Blanchard Cisneros
      James Blanchard Cisneros05-05-2017

      Thank you Reahla for being open to the message and a member of our community. Remember what a great Man once said: “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.” If Christ can forgive those that crucified Him, then we can forgive those that have not yet remembered their true loving nature. Throughout the day remind yourself: “Today I forgive, because as God’s loving creation, I am worthy of peace and joy.” Through forgiveness, release yourself from what you were never meant to carry, and set yourself truly free. Peace. JBC

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