Daily Inspiration: November10. Enlightenment: Reuniting With Our Eternal Essence

One who is enlightened is in alignment with their eternal essence, and at peace with the realization that their experience, no matter how the ego tries to define it, is an expression of the divine. The expression of the divine is always serving the highest good for all. It is a flowing, floating downstream, on a quiet gentle river, with the thoughts of trust and peace as your oars. Exactly where you are right now is exactly were you need to be, someone who is enlightened or self-aware of the sacred journey that they have co-created with God, understands and trusts this to be true, and thus is at peace wherever they go. Someone who understands this, also understands that we are all One with God, and so wherever your brothers and sisters are on their sacred journey, is right now exactly where they need to be to accomplish what they have come down here to do. It is for such reasons that the enlightened individual is at peace wherever they or their brothers and sisters are. Peace being an expression of the love that is our eternal essence is a symbol and expression of the enlightened aligned mind.

Let us today remember how judgment is the ego’s main fuel source. Judging any situation or individual, in any way, shape of form, as less than, is a symptom of someone who has more faith in his or her ego’s plan for the Universe, over God’s plan for the universe. God’s plan is sacred and perfect, when you recognize this as true, all judgments will begin to dissolve before the mercy and grace of God. When all judgments dissolve, the states of peace, gratitude and joy are found. When you recall that you are the creation of the Father Mother of Peace, Gratitude and Joy, you will understand that you yourself are worthy of experiencing these energies and emotions in your life. When you understand that you are worthy of them, you will have no more need to defend the ego’s judgments, delusions, lies and fairy tales as true. The sacred nature of your journey will then become apparent to you, and you will no longer have a need or desire to judge yourself or others. When your judgment of others stops, your union, reunion, begins. As you consciously once again unite with them, you will understand that this place is your true home, that this is where you truly belong, at One with your brother and sister, at One with God. The enlightened mind naturally desires to, in its own specific and sacred manner, serve as an example of this Oneness to everyone whose presence they are blessed with.

Today we pay close attention to how the enlightened mind is constantly aligning with God’s grace. When we are not aligned with God’s grace, the enlightened mind does not judge itself or others, it simply notices the misalignment, becomes grateful for this awareness, and corrects its course. Today let us notice how during our day we are either allowing God’s grace to flow, at peace and trusting, or we resisting God’s grace from flowing, worried, judgmental, or stressed. Today we, without judgment, notice the thoughts that are resisting our natural flow. We do not judge ourselves for resisting, instead we become aware of what we are doing, and offer gratitude to these resistant points for showing us where we are emotionally and physically impeding our own union with our Source. When these resistant points are unconscious they act like invisible anchors holding us from where we truly desire to go. When we become conscious of them, we bring these anchors up to the surface and once again begin flowing down river towards our natural destination, our eternal essence, the ocean of Love that God is. Understand the sacred nature of your journey, allow what is to be, offer gratitude, trust God, and be at peace, all these are but symbols of the awakened enlightened aligned mind.

Today any time the ego tries to have you judge yourself or another, instead let this trigger in you the memory that you have co-created your journey with God, and because we are all One, so too have they. Let this knowledge bring you to the state of peace. Please be so kind as to share with us, in the comment section below, your experience with this post.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

  1. M Larkin
    M Larkin11-11-2016

    Probably, the most difficult thing for the people of the world today, will be to stop talking – stop trying to make others think as they are thinking. To accept that others are scared, just as they themselves are scared. To listen, instead of fighting. This is an opportunity for us to become better people, to be our highest selves – to shine out love. Let’s be our best selves today.

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