Daily Inspiration: November 2. Experiencing a Less Judgmental, Sarcastic, and Critical World

Would you like to experience a less judgmental, sarcastic, and critical world? If so, allow this world to be birthed first within your own mind, through the thoughts you think. Today, let us stop supporting and reinforcing, feeding and fueling with our time, focus, and energy, those thoughts that don’t support and reinforce the world that we desire to create. Judgment, sarcasm, and criticism are learned behaviors; they are not a real part of the expression of love that we were created to be and share. Thus whenever we invest in them, we are investing in, and experiencing someone we are not. As Love’s expressions, we are forgiveness, compassion, and understanding. We are all One, withhold the forgiveness, compassion, and understanding no longer from yourself. To lessen a world of judgment, sarcasm and criticism, make forgiveness, compassion, and understanding, your goals before every interaction you have with another, make them your goals before every place you enter, before every word you speak. By doing so you will practice taking back control of your own thoughts from the ego, and the symbol of this victory over the ego will be when you begin to see your thoughts, words, actions, reactions, and interaction all aligning with and serving the energies of forgiveness, compassion, and understanding, all serving the truth of who you are and thus the world you came here to create.

Today when the ego has us playing in its little judgmental, sarcastic, and critical sandbox, do not judge yourself or others for sacrificing your time to such silly games, instead catch yourself doing so, and be grateful that you now have the wisdom to consciously undo what you have unconsciously done. The quicker and more frequently that you catch yourself being out of alignment with the truth in you, the less time you will spend creating a world that is not aligned with your desires. Today let us practice being a little more consciously aware of the thoughts we think, with the understanding the thoughts we think create the world we see and experience. When the ego keeps demanding that you stay in its sandbox, that you continue to focus on and use its judgmental, sarcastic, and critical mindset, remind yourself: “I control my thoughts, my thoughts should not be controlling me.” Then allow this reminder to trigger in you the need to offer forgiveness, compassion, and understanding, exactly and specifically, to those the ego had been insisting you withhold them from. By offering it to “others,” being that we are all One, your circle of forgiveness, compassion, and understanding will expand, and thus more and more of your world will be embraced by and encompass these energies and emotions.

Today let us focus on taking a greater sense of personal responsibility for what thoughts we are placing our time, focus and energy on, and on thus the world we are shaping and creating. Imagine what a blessing each day, each moment, can become, when we recognize that it is our thoughts that shape the world we experience. Rejoice my friend, for you are not here by chance. You are here because you have opened yourself to the understanding that, as God’s creation, you can create as He created. Let us no longer curse our days or circumstances; instead let us now offer them gratitude for helping us practice remembering the power that we have to create the world we want. We have already, for long enough, left this power to the ego, and the ego has used it only to serve itself, only to through judgment, sarcasm and criticism enlarge its place in our life and world. Ask yourself: “How is giving away your power to the ego working for you and for those around you? Is it not time to try another way? Is it not time to lead instead of follow? Today when the ego tries to strike, lift your hand high up to the sky and say: “No more, enough is enough, I now take my power, that power that has been gifted to me by my Creator, back. It is now I who consciously choose the thoughts I think and focus on, it is now I who lead myself to the world that I was put here by my Creator to create. Today it is I, through God grace, who hold truth light filled lantern up high and bright for all to see.”

Today let judgment, sarcasm and being critical of self or others, trigger in you the need to take your mind back from the ego. Then offer yourself and others the thoughts and emotions that will create the world you want. Please be so kind, in the comment section below, to share with us your experience with this post.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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