Daily Inspiration: November 7. Helping Others By Healing Yourself

The best way to help other people heal, is to first focus on healing yourself. Healing yourself, because we are all One, is and will be, healing for others. Thus, today do not buy into the ego’s programming that you are somehow being selfish, abandoning the world, or those you love, because you are focusing on your own healing. When you solidify your foundation and are consciously able to align with, express and share your truth, you will help clear the path for those who are also looking to return to their natural state, the state of peace. When you develop your sense of inner peace, others will feel more peaceful in your presence. When you make being forgiving and compassionate your internal focus, others will feel safer and more secure around you and in themselves. By becoming a greater example of peace, forgiveness and compassion, others will see in you, what they desire for themselves. When you become a physical manifestation of the energies of peace, forgiveness and compassion, you will be showing those who feel lost, a way how to return back to being who they were created to be, a way back to becoming a representative of Love on Earth. Today, by focusing on your own healing, become the light that you came here to be. Today, as you heal yourself, because we are all One, you will be helping heal others. No longer cower because the ego has programmed you to believe that working on healing yourself is selfish, instead hold the torch of a healed light way up high, so that all who look your way may see it, and in it, begin to recall, their true-self. There will be nothing that you ever do in this life, that will be more important than to recall the Love that in truth you are, and then share this Love, the healed-self, in your own sacred and unique ways, with all those who are placed along your path.

No one comes to you by chance. The false idea of chance, is but a fabrication of the ego, made to try to hide the sacred nature of the journey that you have co-created with The Divine. Today, our task is simple, all that we are being asked to do, is to remember who in truth we are, and then to share that message with the brothers and sisters who present themselves to us. Being who in truth you are, is in reality, an effortless accomplishment. What you may be finding difficult to do, and why you may be having a hard time in this life is, because you have been programmed to be who you are not. Being who you are not is indeed very difficult, taxing, and ultimately exhausting. The ego has programmed you to believe that being judgmental of self and others, angry, resentful, hateful, revengeful, are all natural behaviors, all normal and proper responses, but in reality these are all unconscious expressions and symbols of the unhealed-self, of a mind asleep, of the ego-self. You can sacrifice all the time and energy that you so desire on the ego’s deceptions, fairy tales and its out right lies, that is free will. But how much more mental, verbal, emotional, and physical blood, sweat, and tears, must you, others, and this planet, continue to spill,  before we start to question if the ego’s programming is really right for us? Stop, stop it already, you and this world have suffered long enough! My dear friend, you are not your programmed self, you are not a judgmental, angry, resentful, hateful, or revengeful being, you are not the unhealed-self, for you could never be what is not true.  Awaken, awaken my dear brothers and sisters to Truth, The Light is here, now, and forever within you, the healed-self is always, thanks to free will, but a simple choice away. Be the Love that you truly came here to be, and express this Love in your very own unique and sacred ways, that is all that in truth you need ever do.

Today, let us choose not to focus on trying to fix the outside world so that we can feel better when we look at it; instead let us look to focus on, and fix the source of this world, us, the beliefs, light and lenses, that we are using to see and define this world through. When we make the conscious decision, before each and every interaction, to align ourselves with the states of peace, forgiveness, and compassion, what will be reflected from us unto all who travel our path, what we will have within us to offer others, will be a more peaceful, forgiving, and compassionate world. Today, let us lead by example, and by doing so, become the solution that we ourselves have been searching for. Today, let it be we, those who are awakening to the truth in us, who will expand the peace, forgiveness and compassion that we now know resides within us, out into the world. As we expand who in truth we are, we will begin to build a world were all those who travel our path, will find shelter in us, and in this safe place, will begin to remember that they too are innocent, that they too are God’s creations, and that they too are all forever worthy of peace, forgiveness, and compassion. Today, let it be we, those who have and are awakening to our true nature, who will make the conscious choice to offer only our truth, our healed-self, to all others. It does not matter what those who are asleep to the truth in them offer us, for today we stand strong, staunch, and steadfast, in who we are, and what our mission is. This is all we need in truth do today, to offer who in truth we are, the healed-self, to all other aspects of ourselves, that the ego has programmed us to see as strangers or ‘other’ people.

Today, let there be absolutely no one who leaves our side or minds, without us offering them our peace, forgiveness and compassion. There may be a thousand different ways that we will, each one of us, as aspect of The One, personally, verbally, emotionally and physically manifest the healed-self, the energies of peace, forgiveness and compassion, but manifest them today we will, because that is who in truth we are, and who we have come down here to be. Today, when someone offers us a manifestation of their unhealed-self, we without hesitation overlook the dreams of a sleeping mind, and offer them only our healed-self, so that they too may begin to see and awaken to who in truth they are. Today, if you find yourself doubting yourself or another, remember, that Love is the foundation of the healed-self, and we can in truth never be anyone other than the Love that we were created to be, and thus we are already, aware of it or not, healed and awake, and because we are all One, so too is everyone’s truth, already healed and awake.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

  1. Daun

    I was profoundly affected by this today’s message and profoundly grateful. I have been having difficulty this past week staying centered and feeling peaceful until I read November 7th. I now realize I have allowed my ego to over-shadow my light. I have been placing a ton of judgements upon myself recently, (and upon others). Now I know why I have been feeling so drained, physically, mentally and emotionally.
    Although I am on disability, I work a few hours a week caretaking for others. I had eyelid surgery two weeks ago and allowed myself to take some time off before and after to “prepare and heal”. The judgements against myself include, “I should return to work, I should have accomplished more around the house and I’m burning myself out by caretaking for others”. With all this “shoulding” on myself, it’s no wonder I’m not healing from the surgery faster than I am, (and there’s another judgment).
    Thank you, thank you for this beautiful message that I needed more than anything at this time. I have put off purchasing your book, (judging myself for spending the money even though it is so affordable). My low sense of worthiness and judgment against myself if I’m not “doing”, has controlled me far too long. I am purchasing your book today. God bless you always,

    • James Blanchard Cisneros
      James Blanchard Cisneros11-11-2016

      Thank you Daun for your comment, and for being open to the message, and for your support. Your journey is a sacred co-creation with God, and thus each step of it is perfect for your growth, healing, and awakening. Peace. JBC

  2. Mary

    I too am very thankful for this message today. Having children in their 20’s that go through various struggles, I always find my focus on their struggles and how can I help. But that is very draining and non productive and it was very refreshing and a great relief in your message to confirm that its ok to just heal myself right now.

    • James Blanchard Cisneros
      James Blanchard Cisneros11-12-2017

      Thank you Mary for being open to the message. We are all already healed, all that separates us from aligning with the healed self, is the recognition of our true nature. We can only ever be what God is, and God is Love, God is Healed, God can only create perfectly, and so you must already be love, healed and perfect. When we see or think of another, let us practice recognizing this truth in them, let us practice remembering that each step of their journeys is a sacred co-creation with God, and so that they will all accomplish, in their own sacred and unique ways, what they have come here to do. Let us recall this, be at peace, and radiate this peace to all others. Peace. JBC

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