A Gift From the Physical World

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A Gift From the Physical World

Video message based on Facebook post of April 6:

Today, let us recognize, that the physical world is here as a gift to us, so that we may project unto it, the false concepts that remains hidden within our hearts and minds. If you see another person with anything other than love, such as through anger, jealousy or resentment, ask yourself these questions: “Who is the one who ends up holding unto and carrying these emotions?” “What is the ‘act’ of carrying these types of emotions around day and night doing to me?” Then ask yourself “Are feeling anger, jealousy, and resentment really worth more than my peace of mind and joy?” “Are anger, jealousy, and resentment a real part of me, or do they feel like I’m carrying around something that does not belong to me?” “Why should I continue to carry burdens that don’t belong to me?”

Today, let us recall that Love is who we are, came here to be and represent. The physical world is here to show us when we are in or out of alignment, with our loving nature. The more quickly we can recognize when we are out of alignment with Love, the less time we have to sacrifice defending the ego’s judgment based mindset. The less we defend the ego’s mindset, the quicker its false concepts begin to dissolve from our lives. A doorway that get us from the ego’s chaos to the state of peace, is forgiveness. Today, when the ego demands judgment, let us instead offer forgiveness, over and over again, until we begin to recognize, the wisdom of this path. If we do not feel strong enough to forgive, then we ask God to forgive for us, and feel the peace that looking at this physical world through God’s eyes, offers us.

– James Blanchard Cisneros

    Note: Please forgive us for any grammatical/punctuation mistakes in the above text. This is from an unedited Facebook post that will be fully edited when we include it in a book of daily inspirational messages.   

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