Aligning with Your Life’s Purpose

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Aligning with Your Life’s Purpose

Video of James reading the Daily Inspiration message for April 15 and sharing his comments about it.

Only you can accomplish what you have come here to do. Set aside the world’s definition of success and failure, for they are both but delusions within the ego’s mindset, that we have been programmed to believe as more real than the perfect and sacred journey that we have co-created with God. Instead, make the conscious choice to focus on what personally aligns you with Love’s expressions, such as those that brings you peace, joy, passion and fulfillment. What do you personally enjoy doing and are passionate about? What in your heart, mind and soul, brings you the most joy, peace and fulfillment? Every day take steps towards answering these questions, moving in their directions, and slowly you will begin to clarify your true calling, what you personally came here to do, your life’s purpose.

Today, all that we are being ask to do is to focus on creating as God creates, through love. Whatever it is that personally aligns you with that loving sensation, is what you have come here to focus on and share. Know that however it is that your individual and unique expression of love chooses to manifest, that it is perfect for you and for this planet. No longer focus on what anyone else says that you should or should not be doing with your life. They do not know, for that knowledge is only within you, place there by your Creator. Trust this, that all the tools that you need, to do what you came here to do, are within you right now. Your divine purpose is already One with your heart, mind and soul, placed there by the Creator of the Universe, for you to deliver as a gift to this world.

- James Blanchard Cisneros


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