Allow Yourself to be Held by the Source of Love

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Allow Yourself to be Held by the Source of Love

Video message based on Facebook post of July 22:

Today allow yourself to be held by the Source of Love, especially during those times when the ego has programmed you to believe that you are not worthy of being held. The ego may have convinced us that our “errors/mistakes” makes us imperfect and thus are unworthy of the perfect Love of God/Source. But allow me to ask you, if you were in a park and you saw your young child running towards you, and she tripped, fell, then got up, dusted herself off, then laughing or crying kept running toward you for a hug, would you love her any less for tripping? Would you hug her with any less intensity because she tripped and fell on her way to you? My friend, multiply that unconditional love a million times and you just might begin to conceptualize the love that God has for you. Has the ego actually convince you that the Father/Mother of perfect acceptance and love sees His/Her Children with anything other than acceptance and love, no matter how many times they perceive themselves to have ‘tripped up’ or ‘fallen’? Today let us forgive ourselves our illusions as He has forgiven ours. Today let us drop the ego’s demands for self-judgment, that illusionary idea that we are not worthy or good enough, and allow ourselves to be held by the Source of unconditional Love Herself.

- James Blanchard Cisneros


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