Becoming Less Judgmental of Your Past

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Becoming Less Judgmental of Your Past

Video message based on Facebook post of July 6:

To deliver the message of love, compassion, and forgiveness you must realize that the message is intended for you first. For it is only the truth that you have awaken within you, and become aware of, that you can truly share. The ego would have you judge yourself for your past, for your life experience, but it is actually your life experience that prepares you to better understand, share, and teach the message. Through trail and error you begin to realize that the more you align with Source’s message the more joyful, fulfilled, and at peace you feel. The more you share it, the more you get to experience it, and thus the bigger part of you and your life it becomes. You start to merge with the message, and in turn with the One who wrote the message. So today let us be a bit more gentle and forgiving of our past and ourselves, for without it we would not be as self-aware as we are now. Today let us also be grateful to all those who allow us, through their participation in our life, the opportunity to share with them the message, for the more we shared it with them, the more we became One with the message, the less judgmental and more grateful we have become of ourselves and our past.

- James Blanchard Cisneros


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Comments (2)

I watched you for the first time today and listened to your words. I came across your site whilst looking for some explanation as to how to overcome unforgiveness of self, I am going through a transformation period, as others are at this time. I just cried and cried. I thank you for your loving service to others.

Alison, it is lovely to hear that the video touched you in such a manner. That’s very rewarding to me. Your journey is perfect and sacred, a co-creation with God. In time you will see that this is so. And when you do you will drop all your past judgments of self and others, and a peace that you have forgotten, but that has never left you, will once again fully embrace you. You are as God created you,and God does not create imperfectly. God offers you the opportunity to forgive yourself and others in every moment of every day, this is the eternal present moment. Forgive yourself, you are God’s creation and are worthy of peace. Let go of the past, learn how to forgive yourself and help teach others how to forgive themselves. Ask God to help you see yourself as He does, with complete and absolute love, compassion, and understanding. Do this every single night, ask this every single time you judge yourself, and you will begin to notice a shift, a shift from the ego’s programming that says you must judge yourself, to a one where God reminds you that you are worthy of peace. God loves you, I love you, and we are all One, thus there are many parts of you who love you right now. Join those parts that remember who in truth you are, join us and help set yourself and this world forever free. Peace. JBC

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