Ending Our Sacrifices to Anxiety’s Altar

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Ending Our Sacrifices to Anxiety’s Altar

Video message based on the Inspirational Daily post of March 18:

The ego’s has programmed us to believe that it is natural and normal to be worried, stressed out, and anxious, and yet at the same time it has us judge ourselves as weak, not spiritual or balanced enough if we feel this way. In fact the ego even has us buying billions of dollars of prescription medication to bring us back into its ‘normal’ way of thinking. But let us now see that it was actually the support of the ego’s mindset that has brought us to this unbalanced place within our hearts and minds. If the ego’s mindset, and us believing in this mindset, is what is causing our despair, then today let us stop supporting it with our time, focus and energy, and start looking for a way that will naturally bring us back to a place of peace and balance.

Today let us begin to detox ourselves from our addiction to worry, stress and anxiousness, by remembering that we have been gifted free will, thus we can place our time, focus and energy on any belief that we so choose to. Let us think what would be the opposite of worry, stress and anxiousness? That would be peace of mind and joy. How could we get peace of mind and joy? By trusting that our Creator, being perfect love, always has our best interest in mind. And so let us now make the conscious decision to practice trusting our Creator, and to practice placing our time, focus and energy on that effort, increasing our levels of trust in Him and the perfect sacred journey that He has co-created with us.

- James Blanchard Cisneros


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