Let Us Stop Supporting Thoughts That Don’t Support Us

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Let Us Stop Supporting Thoughts That Don’t Support Us

Video message based on Facebook post of July 8:

Today we stop feeding the monsters in our fairy tale. Today we stop supporting the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that are not supporting us. God/Source has elected all of us, or else all of us would not be here. If you are here on Earth, it is because God and we need you here. When you are in despair, when hopelessness drains the air out of the darken sky you breath, consciously stop yourself, stop supporting and feeding the thoughts feelings and emotions that are not supporting you, and instead look inward and ask to once again have life be breathed back into you. You do not ask God for too much, you ask Him for too little. God forever patiently and lovingly awaits your call. Today when the illusions of judgment or sadness surrounds you, choose let go of the past, release the future and consciously return to the present moment, your true home. Close your eyes, take a deep breath in and then out, then feel and visualize God’s love like ocean waves caressing your body, begin absorbing every wave like a sponge, fill your body until it overflows with God’s love. Once your body and soul are refilled begin to return this love to God. Feel and visualize your overflowing love in waves returning to God, and His/Her waves of loves returning back to you. Simply slowly and deeply breathe in God’s love for you and breathe out your Love for Him. Do this a few minutes, until you realize and remember that God/Source’s love is always available to you, and to all. Yes today we allow truth to enter where illusions were, allow light to replace all darkness, and remember that you are still and always as God created you, perfect, awake and whole.

- James Blanchard Cisneros


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