Letting Go of Painful Memories

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Letting Go of Painful Memories

Video message based on the Inspirational Daily post of February 29:

When a painful memory continues to intrude into your days and nights what you are being offered is the opportunity to experience the peace that forgiveness offers. The pain you have within you cannot, no matter what, be dissolved through more judgment, it can only be dissolved through forgiveness. This pain that you carry, is the pain that God is trying to take from you, but you still have free will, you still must make the choice to hand it over to God and let Him dissolve it in His loving Light.

Today, when that pain comes up, hear God’s call and give it all to Him. Practice closing your eyes, visualize and feel you digging into your body and filling up in front of you a bag with your dark pain. Feel you empting yourself of this pain and filling this bag, see the bag getting bigger and bigger as you release your pain into it. Then hand this bag over to God, as you do feel your body getting lighter as this bag is move away from you and close to God’s light. Like a little piece of paper going into a giant furnace watch the bag of pain begin to dissolve in God’s perfect all-encompassing loving light. Feel your body get lighter, thank God with all your heart, mind and soul for Him taking this pain from you, then watch Him begin to fill those now empty areas within your body where pain once reign with His love and light, all those areas you dug up now He is filling them with His love and light. Feel and allow this love and light to enter and fill you, as you do keep on thanking Him for His love and light. Practice and do this over and over and over again until you finally get that God is not with you because of your pain, but that God is with you because He loves you and has never left you.

- James Blanchard Cisneros


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