Making Peace and Joy the Goals for Your Interactions

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Making Peace and Joy the Goals for Your Interactions

Video message based on the Inspirational Daily post of August 3:

If you desire more peace and joy in your day, and life, then consciously choose to make them your goals in more and more of your interactions. Today before any interaction set your goal: “Above all else I desire to experience peace and joy in this interaction.” Consciously choose:

1. Not to judge/criticize the person you are interacting with, yourself or others.

2. To keep the conversation on its highest level, tweaking it in the direction of peace and joy.

3. To listen without interrupting.

4. Not to join in or feed the negativity if your friend is critical of others.

5. To hold those who are being critical in light, and say a silent prayer for them.

6. To look for ways you may both help those individuals that are being discussed.

7. To keep reminding yourself throughout the encounter: “Peace and joy, not judgment, are my goals in this situation.”

8. To not judge yourself when your focus fails, simply forgive yourself for thinking of something else, and return your attention and focus to what they are saying.

9. End every interaction with gratitude towards your brother, sister, yourself and God/Source for the opportunity to practice remembering who you truly are.

10. Review your interaction, figure out what you can improve upon and how you can be more loving and self-loving next time around.


- James Blanchard Cisneros


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