Merging into Oneness

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Merging into Oneness

Video message based on the Inspirational Daily post of March 27:

Unconscious as it may seem, you have made a spiritual commitment to everyone you are now in contact with, and they with you. You have chosen to work together in order to help each other let go of the ego’s fairy tales of judgment and separation and merge into Oneness where only love and light reside. Therefore, when interacting with others, do not see their true interests as apart from yours. You and they are One, thus the honest expression and example of your true loving natural state will help them awaken to theirs. What else but gratitude could you have for someone who is part of a process that is helping you awaken and merge back into Oneness?

Today we make the conscious choice that whoever we meet is who has been sent to us to help us heal and unite with Oneness. Today instead of buying into the ego’s need to focus on the separateness of our bodies, we will recall that we are much more then our bodies, and focus on the sameness in our souls. The more we see others as ourselves, the more our circle will grow and encompass more and more people. Then as we let go of any of the other remaining ego programming of who our brothers and sisters are, our circle will grow to encompass everyone else. It is then, as we begin including those we once where told by the ego to exclude, that we will start recognizing that indeed we are all One.

- James Blanchard Cisneros


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