Remembering How Every Moment is Indeed a Gift

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Remembering How Every Moment is Indeed a Gift

Video message based on Facebook post of September 28:

You honor yourself, your brother and sister by acknowledging that the choices we make within the illusion will assist us in our removal from the illusion. The value of any illusion is to experience it long enough to realize that it is an illusion, to realize their lack of value. A spiritual teacher / guru can tell you that to find peace you need to forgive and release your anger, but it was only because you held unto anger and resentment, that you can now appreciate and acknowledge their full weight, their energy drain, the worthlessness that such emotions bring to your life. And so do not judge yourself or others for carrying this weight around, simple remember that it is because we carried it around for so long, that we finally realized the true weight it bares, and that we do, in the end, have the choice to remove and release this weight off our shoulders and carry it no more. Herein lies the gift of illusion, the realization that every moment, regardless of how the ego has programmed us to define it, can be understood for the gift that it is. By realizing this, we begin to offer gratitude to all we once cursed, and find peace in areas in our life we once believed such a possibility impossible.

– James Blanchard Cisneros

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