Stepping Off the Ego’s Stage

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Stepping Off the Ego’s Stage

Video message based on the Inspirational Daily post of March 12:

We do a lot more ‘acting’ during our day than we realize. In fact, every time we react with anger, judgment, stress, envy or jealousy, we are acting. It is tiring trying to be who we are not. All that we are not, what we have taught ourselves we are, is such a giant learning feat that once we begin to recognize what we have done, we will never again question our power to learn any part we choose to play. We have put on masks, have lost ourselves in an actor’s part, and have forgotten who we truly are. These are who the ego’s fairy tale can control, those who have lost their way, those who have forgotten who in truth they are.

Today take your final bow and step of the ego’s stage; you have played that part long enough. Support the actor in you no longer. This actor is your ego, your false self, a lie you have been taught to believe as true. Today let us make the conscious choice to act no longer, let us finally put down our masks, and become the loving light filled beings we were created to be. This is our true gift to this world, to become the physical example and expressions of our Creator, so that we may light the way for all those who desire to find, align with, and become their truest most loving light filled selves.

- James Blanchard Cisneros


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