The Light in You Can Never be Extinguished

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The Light in You Can Never be Extinguished

Video message based on the Inspirational Daily post of July 2:

As much as the ego would try to dim or shut it off, the light in you can never be extinguished. This light exists in everything God created. A flower extends this light to you through its fragrance. The ocean extends this light to you when it massages your body with its waves. A tree expresses this light by extending its branches to shield you from the heat. The wind expresses this light by caressing your hair. The rain expresses its light by baptizing you with the gift of life. The grass expresses this light by softening the path you walk on. Your brother and sister present you this light by offering you the opportunity to love them. Your children offer you the extension of His light by gifting you the honor to hug them. Your enemy offers you this light by giving you the opportunity to forgive him. The beggar in the street offers you this light by giving you the chance to express compassion. The stranger in the other car offers this light by letting you show him patience and kindness. And so you see, there is no place His light; your true essence is not. Even in your perceived darkest hour, know that the Light is forever with and within you, you are not alone, have never been alone, and till the end of time, will never be alone.

- James Blanchard Cisneros


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