Understanding Why People Experience Resentment

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Understanding Why People Experience Resentment

Video message based on Facebook post of September 26:

1 – Your truth is loving, compassionate, and forgiving.

2 – Yet there are places within your mind that have bought into the ego’s programming, where you believe you are something you are not.

3 – If you are holding unto resentment, you are holding unto one of these ego’s blocks to the awareness of the truth in you.

4 – You are here to express your true nature, thus when you support illusions of yourself you will feel uneasy, as if something is blocking your connection to your natural state.

5 – When you are feeling this sense of unease / disconnection you will consciously or unconsciously ask for help from God / Source / your highest self to assist in the removal of these blocks.

6 – And so by asking / praying for help you will be sent help.

7 – The individuals who can best make you physically aware of the blocks you are carrying within will be sent to you.

8 – Him / her along with you will make a spiritual commitment to each other to bring this illusionary programmed block into the physical, so that light / understanding can better shine on it, and help you see those blocks that separate you from your truth.

9 – A situation, in the form of this ‘resentful’ relationship, will be created in order to bring your mental block into the physical form.

10 – Your sister, that person you’re resentful of, by her volunteering for this mission, is actually helping you bring out and remove this false illusionary belief of resentment out of your mind and life.

11 — She is gifting you the opportunity to forgive what you once found unforgivable, find peace in an area of your life where you once believe peace was not possible.

12 – Once you resolve the issue, once you choose to value forgiveness over resentment, peace over pain, you let go of this block and return and realign with the awareness that your truth is loving, compassionate, and forgiving.

13 – Because you and your sister volunteered and succeeded in resolving this issue, you both can now, by having this life experience, become examples to others that indeed such illusionary beliefs / blocks to the awareness of the truth in us, can be released / dropped / forgiven.

14 – You will both become living physical examples of forgiveness and compassion to those who are still buying into their illusions, that they too can thanked those they once cursed, and that there indeed exist the possibility for love and peace in areas where the ego once insisted there could only be resentment and pain.

– James Blanchard Cisneros

    Note: Please forgive us for any grammatical/punctuation mistakes in the above text. This is an unedited Facebook post that will be fully edited when we include it in a book of daily inspirational messages.   

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