The Real Protagonists of Our Story

Daily Inspirational Messages with James Blanchard Cisneros

Daily Inspiration: January 5. The True Protagonists of Our Story

As children we were taught to believe that the ego’s fairy tale is true. We were programmed to believe that all of the ego’s tools such as judgment of self and others, frustration, anxiety, anger, resentment and revenge are all ‘natural’ responses and ‘normal’ behaviors. But little by little, as we become more self aware, we start to notice how unalike these emotions, energies, and reactions are to our core, the truth within us, and so we begin to discard them, and little by little close the book on them, let them go. We begin recalling that God is truly Love, and that God is all, and therefore all is love and because we are His/Her creations so too must we be love. We start to notice how when we reacted through love and its expressions such as peace, forgiveness, compassion, joy, and charity, we feel good, and this feels truly natural, normal, and right…