Over Time We Will See And Feel Judgment’s Wounds

How Are You Choosing to Carry Your Past?

Inspirational Quote - Negative Emotions are a Useful Part of Our Journey

Negative Emotions Can Be a Useful Part of Our Journey

“‘Negative’ emotions are as useful to you as every other part of your journey. Because they are of use, gratitude, not judgment, should…”

Inspirational Quote - Every step on our journey helps us grow and find peace.

Every Experience Can Help Us Reach a State of Peace

“Today, we bless our “forward” and “backward” steps with the knowledge that, in truth, they are all helpful and needed to reach our destination – the state of peace.”

Inspirational Quote - Every experience helps us grow and evolve our consciousness

Every Step Helps Us Reach a Higher Level of Consciousness

“Please do not feel discouraged. In the illusionary world, two steps forward and one step back is the dance of the ego. In reality, every step is in one way or another helping you reach a higher level of consciousness.”

Inspirational Quote - Negative Experiences Teach Us Where We No Longer Desire to Go

“Negative” Experiences Can Give Us Clarity

“”Negative” experiences assist you in remembering where you no longer desire to go. The more roads you can cross off your map, the clearer your destination.”

Inspirational Quote about Negative Experiences Really Helping us Grow and Heal

“Negative” Experiences Can Help Us Grow & Awaken

“The ego would have you judge yourself and others when you are having “negative” experiences. But in truth, every moment is here to help you grow, heal and align…”

Inspirational Quote about how your personal healing and growth inspires others.

Inspirational Quote – Your Healing and Growth Inspires Others

Inspiring Quote about Challenges, Life Lessons and Healing

Inspirational Quote – Challenges are Areas You Have Come to Help Heal

Inspirational Quote on the Power of Our Thoughts and Feelings

Inspirational Quote for Making Your Life Better

Inspirational quote about the power to change your life by changing your thoughts and feelings by James Blanchard Cisneros, author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember.”