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 inspirational quote - beginingI have purchased this book for my Kindle. I have only a few precious moments during the day to be able to sit and enjoy life and I prefer it spent with this book. It is mind blowing and uplifting. Totally love it and would recommended it to anyone who is searching within themselves and even a reminder for those who have found themselves. Thank you.inspirational quote - end

Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

– Rose, Wisconsin, USA

From review

inspirational quote - beginingThis book says it all… period! After 10+ years as a spiritual “seeker” I have finally found the answer(s) I have been searching for…this book is incredible… every word, every page resounds with wisdom, depth, clarity, and pure consciousness… astounding! Buy it, read it, meditate on it, read it again and HOLD ON… your life is about to change! Namaste, my brothers and sisters…inspirational quote - end

Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

– J. Conner, Tennessee, USA

From review

inspirational quote - beginingHave just read the book and WOW!! it is by far the best and most inspirational spiritual book I have ever read…am on to the second reading now and am still getting goosebumps.

Many, many thanks for this book!!! Will recommend it to everyone I know….xxinspirational quote - end

– Yasmeen in Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Wonderful Book

inspirational quote - beginingI highly recommend this book. This book really helps you remember your greater self qualities. Reading it has helped me to develop forgiveness, acceptance, and ultimately a lot of peace of mind. Definitely worth buying.inspirational quote - end

Rated 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

– K.R., Washington D.C., USA

inspirational quote - beginingThe book was the best ever. Truly life changing. It gave me the fuel that I needed to eagerly embrace this path that I am on which takes me beyond where I have lived with friends and family. I love you for taking the time to write and share your insights as you have. Thank you. You signed my booked on 12/18/09. I am so excited about life and this journey of love, forgiveness and compassion. I hope that one day we meet.inspirational quote - end

Love & blessings,

– Regis in South Carolina, United States

inspirational quote - beginingI bought your book a few years back. It is one of the best books I have ever read. And I continue to re-read when I have a problem.inspirational quote - end

– Joe in Pennsylvania, USA

inspirational quote - beginingThis book delivers a very important message to us all. It is a constant companion of mine and I am so blessed to have discovered it. Thank you for writing it!inspirational quote - end

– Jane, Scotland

inspirational quote - beginingThere is so much truth in this book! James has a direct connection to the All Knowing, The Creator, The One Intelligence! We are all one. We are connected to each other and to everything that exists. Read this book, allow love to shine through and know that you are already good enough. You are love itself. Practice loving yourself and others, practice loving all things (even those you don’t consider living…in addition to the animals, insects, flowers, water…all things!). When you practice loving everything you will feel natural and normal. You will get more peace and more joy. Buy this book and get started today! Thank you, James, for saying so many wonderful, truthful things in one lovely book! Namaste my dear brother!inspirational quote - end

Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

– K. Arnold, USA

From review

Excellent Book & A Reminder to Remember our True Calling

inspirational quote - beginingThe book, You have Chosen to Remember, has served as a wonderful way to recall and remind us of our true calling.

It is beautifully written with many words of encouragement, and the tone of the book is peaceful and re-assuring.

This compilation of stories and reflections reminds us to look for the source in everyday interactions and use these signs and experiences to remind ourselves of just how important our mission is.

I’d highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in personal growth, making a difference, and enlightenment.inspirational quote - end

Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

– Renee

From review

A Spiritual Hug in Times of Uncertainty

inspirational quote - beginingI have a hard copy of this book and I reach for it when for some reason I need to regain balance, especially if it’s something related to relationships with people around me and myself. To me this book is a gentle reminder to look at the world with more kindness and I believe it has power to bring warmth into ones heart. Its the kind of book you might want to read several times and take breaks to think between the paragraphs, as it is very rich. I am grateful this lovely piece of knowledge found its way into my life.inspirational quote - end

Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

– Ama

From review

Great Read !

inspirational quote - beginingI feel this journey is one that EVERYONE should undertake. As a newly divorced woman I felt real benefits by reading this book. Thanks !!!inspirational quote - end

Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

– Tricia L.

From review

Hits All the Right Points

inspirational quote - beginingVery nice! I have recommended this book to my family and friends. They all seem to have the same opinion. They love it. Thank you.inspirational quote - end

– Marilyn H., Alaska, USA

From review

Rated 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.


inspirational quote - beginingPlease… please… please read this book. Mr. Cisneros conveys our “truth” beautifully and with such eloquence. I have had this book in the “To Read” pile for a while… guess I wasn’t ready. I have purchased a kindle version for me and 4 other copies which I’ve gifted to friends!inspirational quote - end

Rated 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

– Grace M.

From review

Good Read

inspirational quote - beginingThis was an easy read and very helpful in daily life. I would recommend it to anyone who in interested in improving day to day living circumstances.inspirational quote - end

Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

– C21 Realtor

From review

inspirational quote - beginingHi James,

At the beginning of this week I was feeling all kind of negative, sad, you name it kind of feelings. I went to Google and typed in inspirational books and your site came up. This is how I found the site.

Ever since then I have been coming into work and getting inspiration and remembering how to find peace with myself for the day. I have been feeling so much better since Monday; I know I had to get back the inner peace and love.

The best part of purchasing the book is that the profits go to the Standup for Kids organization. I feel that kids need so much love and guidance and your organization is helping these kids to have a chance at a fulfilling life.

I am still reading the quotes and short stories this morning. This site has helped me get some peace back and put things into perspective.

Thank you and have wonderful day.inspirational quote - end

– Sue

Great Comfort in Time of Strife

inspirational quote - beginingI was going through a very painful and difficult time in my life and during this time, my life’s path crossed with a man who actually shared a personal tie to the author. It was upon recommendation of this profound human being, that I purchased the paperback version of this book. From the “Introduction” I was inexplicably drawn in and with every page, it was like a veil was lifting from my soul and I was “remembering” and it was in remembering that I found peace, love, forgiveness, and dignity with the difficult time in my life. It prompted more awareness of our universal connection to God and each other and it helped greatly with my healing process from the pain and sadness I was feeling at the time. With every chapter, every exercise, every message, you allow yourself to grow and be more aware. It has been 5 years since I first read this magnificent book; I have recommended it to my close friends who have also struggled with life-issues – big or small – and I find solace in its words every-now-and-then, because every-now-and-then, I need to Remember…inspirational quote - end

Rated 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

– Mrsbldvls

From review

Hi James,

inspirational quote - beginingI just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sending me your book. I am still in disbelief about how amazing the ‘coincidence’ was, that I found your website at exactly the time I needed to and the fact that you sent me the book for free to Australia!

I will make a donation as soon as possible, but in the meantime I felt I wanted to express my thanks. I had a feeling this morning, that I should try in a subtle way to get my husband to read your book. I am not sure exactly HOW I am going to approach him about it yet, but am not too worried either, because your book is written in such a way, that ‘spirituality’ is not portrayed in an ‘intimidating’ light – which is great for someone as ‘conservative’ in his ‘religion’ as him.

I have tried a few times to talk to him, or just to get his ‘mind’ going about LIFE and about the fact that there is SO much more to it than just ambition, work, and the endless ratrace that most people find themselves in.

Thank you SO much for giving me this ‘tool’ – a way forward toward a better life for me and my family, and a step closer to what is REALLY REAL!

I wish you ALL the joy and happiness one soul CAN send another!inspirational quote - end

Best Regards

– Saskia J., Sydney, Australia

Mr. James Blanchard Cisneros,

inspirational quote - beginingI have been a spiritual student for quite a while now. My mother has been dragging me to spiritual lectures and such since I was 11. I am now turning 25. I would get interested, then let my “ego-self” take over. I usually get interested when things are bad and the spiritual “stuff” makes my life all better, then I would drop it again. Your book was the third in all this time to touch me in the most wonderful way. First was “Conversations with god” by Neale Donald Walsh, then “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay.

I am in the middle of chapter six in your book right now. Last night for the third time in my life I felt complete joy, and everything just made sense while reading your book. Tears filled my eyes and I felt safe. I have found it hard to make sense of my life. As I said this has happened before, but some time later after I finish the book I usually forget. I guess I put it aside and let the ego-self take over. I found your book on the Internet four months ago. I was in tears for weeks searching for another inspiring book. I needed help, I prayed for guidance. For some reason when I picked up my other books they did not have the same effect on me as they did before and I needed something more. If I tell anyone other than my mother this they laugh at me. I read the first two chapters and put the book down for two months. Then just two days ago I picked it up and I am finding it hard to put down. I am already in search of another book, I know I will finish your book within the week. I need more. I need to keep reading until it stays with me. I need to keep growing through these books or I might forget again. I need to read books that are easy to understand, explain, and reiterate the truth. If you have any suggestions It would be greatly appreciated. I would also like to say Thank you very much, you have helped me in many ways.inspirational quote - end

With Love,

– Jessica


Response From James (Author):

To hold unto what you are reading try the following:

1 – Get a journal.

2 – Write down everything new that has touched you and that you may be able to implement during your day.

3 – Create you own individual exercises to do and try during the day.

4 – If you want to feel what you are reading throughout your day, then you must find ways to implement and manifest these thoughts during your daily activities.

Some great books:

1 – A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson

2 – The spiritual teachings of Orin and DaBen, channeled through Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer ( The first book you may choose to read is Living with Joy, Keys to Personal Power & Spiritual Transformation.

3 – A Course In Miracles. When it comes to spiritual books, it is my first love, if you will. I have been a student of the Course since 1991. I still have it in my living room and was reading it last night.

4 – An older book, I very highly recommend, Dialog on Awakening, Communion with a Loving Brother by Tom Carpenter.

5 – Others authors I recommend: Kahlil Gibran, Wayne Dyer, Dan Millman, Robert A. Monroe (for OBEs, Out of Body Experiences), Michael Newton Ph.D (for in between life therapy), Pat Rodegast (Emmanuel books)

Take care,

James Blanchard Cisneros

Pretty Awesome

inspirational quote - beginingThe author has a way of really making you think. He is very dynamic and exciting. You will learn much about life from this book. I do not recommend it however for a beginning light worker. The concepts here are very advanced and esoteric. I rate this book very high.inspirational quote - end

– Debra G.

From review

inspirational quote - beginingI wanted to express my gratitude for such an insightful website. I would also like to share a short story of how I found the site.

Last evening I was asking questions of clarity to several issues that were taking place in my life and I was lead to my computer. Not knowing what it was that I was looking for, I typed in several search phrases and came back with nothing. I then typed in “God” and your website came up. It was the answer to what I was looking for! Many questions were answered just by browsing and I found myself with Goosebumps, tingles and tears at your words and responses to others questions.

I appreciate so much your statement in the introduction about not wanting to be a teacher because everything that there is to learn, is already here for us. So, with that, I will look to you as an Assistant to Remembering! I have many, many questions and I feel that reading your book will awaken my memory to some of the answers. I get “caught-up” in the questioning and forget to listen for the answers a lot of the time. I also find myself among well-meaning friends that want me to follow their line of study and thought and it doesn’t feel like my truth and/or my path. (I have a lot of questions about just that!)

I am so excited and joyful at finding the website and will be ordering the book very soon. Thank-you for being in the right place, at the right time for me–we never know when we may be the answer to a prayer!

May God continue to Bless your journey!

With Love and Gratitude,inspirational quote - end

 – Shannon in Indiana

inspirational quote - beginingI am writing to thank you for your book. At the time I discovered “You Have Chosen To Remember” I was unable to pay for it, however, it was sent to me anyway. I am now in a position to where I will send you the profits for the book, again thank you.

I have learned an incredible amount of what I have been seeking from “You Have Chosen To Remember”. I read a lot of books on spirituality but let me say, I feel your love and compassion as I read your book.

Thank you.inspirational quote - end

– Cindy G.

inspirational quote - beginingThank you for shipping my autographed copy so quickly. I am only on page 16 and this book has been life changing. Everything is falling in to place and I am learning my responsibility in the choices I make. Although that sentence sounds simple, there is so much more to it. That is what you have unleashed for me. I expect the second half of my life to be full of miracles and love. The very first dream you interpreted described the last 25 years of my life, and now I at last see why things happened the way they did and how I perpetuated so much misunderstanding and hurt, I never understood that, which therefore created so much chaos, as you can imagine. I look forward to reading the next 300 pages and all that it will bring me.inspirational quote - end

– Janice H.

inspirational quote - beginingI am extremely grateful for the time you took to respond to my question. Thank you, the information is really quite amazing and I am going to follow it to the “T”. I’ll let you know how I’m doing in a couple of months. After I wrote you the question, I spent time pondering my life and realize that I haven’t taken enough time to see just how much my perception has changed and just how much I have really calmed down, how much progress I’ve made. I’m always in a hurry. After doing that, and before receiving your response, I kind of decided that, “hey, I’m alive here, now, and need to relax my grip on what I think I’m already supposed to know. Realize its a journey, appreciate it for every moment, do the best I can each day and be excited to watch it unfold.” I got much of this from reading your book but I couldn’t quite let go of the anxiety and just let myself trust. See, due to some type of mental “snafu” or whatever, I, who support my family and have not been unemployed one week in 20 years, quit a very high paying job. Then my daughter, with no insurance, was in the hospital for a week. ($12,000!!) Etc., etc. However, since I let go and started thanking God sincerely for all of the blessings I DO have, I just found out the $12,000 is going to be covered and we are going to get some aid until I get a job, which I am now able to start looking for work again, due to your book. I truly thank you for writing it and for your response to my e-mail. I’m sorry, I’m sure you’re a busy guy and hate to take up your time, but I REALLY appreciate your help on my journey! Thank you! Oh, and I have finally decided to quit smoking Monday morning, a lifelong struggle which I’ve NEVER felt confident to leave behind!inspirational quote - end

– Name not Published for Privacy Purposes

inspirational quote - beginingThank You, Thank You So Much. I didn’t have the money for the book, as soon as I do I will send it. This book and it’s message has truly changed and blessed my life and the lives of my family.inspirational quote - end

– Mona

(Submitted Through Guestbook)

inspirational quote - beginingVery impressed!!! The author is in the “know”. That special place so many of us have searched for so long. The “truths”, the “knowing” from this writing can put the seeker back on his unique path of remembrance.inspirational quote - end

Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

 – Review Posted on Amazon by Bob Coe

inspirational quote - beginingI’m so glad that I found your website with your book. I’ve been lost my whole life and I’ve so been searching for peace and trust in God this past year, you seem to say so much to me in this book.inspirational quote - end


– Nicole

(Submitted Through Guestbook)

inspirational quote - beginingI thought how silly it was to read testimonials from people who had just started reading your book. Well, I have been touched from the first few paragraphs! I just finished reading “MY Soul Counseled Me”. I have read many books, articles, etc. but your writing has affected me more than any to date and I am not close to the ending. Thank you.inspirational quote - end

– James H.

inspirational quote - beginingThis book has so many profound and inspiring truths in it. I have been reading spiritual, self-help books for about 15 years. This book is certainly one of the best I have found. I could actually feel myself energetically transforming when I read the book. This book has helped me to remember and anchor in many higher self qualities. It has also helped me to let go of a lot of old egoic thinking patterns.

The books offers outstanding tools for all kinds of people, including: people looking to experience God in their life; people who want to remember their godself qualities, people who are looking for ways to forgive other people and themselves; people seeking to develop inner peace, joy and gain clarity; and much more.

You have Chosen to Remember: A Journey from Perception to Knowledge, Peace of Mind and Joy is a magnificent treasure FILLED with precious, sacred jewels. I strongly recommend this book.inspirational quote - end

Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

 – Review Posted on Amazon by ‘Great Lover of Books’

inspirational quote - beginingThis is one of the best books I have read on forgiveness, letting go, experiencing peace and being in the now.

“You Have Chosen to Remember” presents brilliantly simple strategies for shifting beyond limited thinking. As someone who has been regularly reading spiritual books for 20 years, I am taken by the way “You have Chosen to Remember” provides excellent strategies and motivation for living consciously.

“You Have Chosen to Remember” deeply inspires the reader to live in harmony with your self and the rest of the world.

I highly recommend this book!inspirational quote - end

Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

 – Review Posted on Amazon by Richard

inspirational quote - beginingI loved this book! I could not put it down. I have about 10 people that I want to buy it for.inspirational quote - end

– Sarah Kinkaid

(Submitted Through Guestbook)

inspirational quote - beginingAs someone in the business world, I have not thought that much about my inner realm. This book has really helped me to understand things on a much deeper level. It has changed the way I do business. I am not stressing out about every little thing that does not seem to go the way I want it to. It is strange for me to say this but I actually feel more peaceful. Thanks for helping me embody something I had previously only conceptualized.inspirational quote - end

 – Mathew Miller

(Submitted Through Guestbook)

inspirational quote - beginingWhoah. This book has changed the way I look at life. It helped me get things in perspective. I am much calmer at work and with my friends. I don’t get as uptight as I used to get and I feel more excited about my life. Thank you for this incredible book.inspirational quote - end

 – Elijah Johnson

(Submitted Through Guestbook)

inspirational quote - beginingI love this book!!!! I could not put it down. Thank you SO much for writing this book. I have been waiting a long time to read such a spiritually inspiring book.inspirational quote - end

– Yvette Saronson

(Submitted Through Guestbook)

inspirational quote - beginingThis book is bloody awesome. I am extremely impressed with how clearly and concisely you explain such wonderful esoteric concepts. I strongly recommend this book to anyone on the path of awakening.inspirational quote - end

– Richard

(Submitted Through Guestbook)

inspirational quote - beginingI’m very glad being able to read in this wonderful book, it helps in the every day’s living.inspirational quote - end

– Christel H., Germany

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Your reverence for the wisdom contained within spiritual literature reflects a deep humility and reverence for the mysteries of the universe.

Thank you David for your kind words and for being open to the message.

Peace. JBC

The insights shared here delve deep into spiritual truths.

Thank you Bill for being open to the message. Peace. JBC

Was looking for some takes regarding this topic and I found your article quite informative. It has given me a fresh perspective on the topic tackled. Thanks!

Thank you Hedin for being open to the message.

Peace. JBC

Dear James,

So many thanks for your inspirational book. It rings true in so many ways. I can see this becoming my number-one guide that I will turn to again and again.

Many blessings,

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