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James’ writings help people remember and embody their trueself or their godself. And one of the goals  is to help as many people, as possible, to embody their divine selves.

So, we hope you will join us in our efforts to spread these positive, inspirational messages to as many people as possible.

There are so many ways you can help spread the word. Here are a few ideas:

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Then, we encourage you to actively participate in discussions with other awesome people who are awakening too.

Spread the Word

Please use the social networking buttons (on every page of the site) to share and like our posts, videos and inspirational quotes. It just takes a few seconds, but this highly effective strategy helps us to reach so many people.

Buy the Book

Your purchases help to cover the cost of maintaining this site and spreading positive inspirational messages to tens of thousands of people every day.

The book also makes a great gift for someone who can use inspiration.

Review the Book

If you like the book, please add a review to Amazon, and any other place where you can add book reviews. It doesn’t need to be anything complicated. Just a few sentences would be incredibly appreciated. Also, wherever you can, “Like” the book – even on Amazon’s site.

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Wherever it feels appropriate, please recommend the book, site and /or Facebook page.

Share the Love

Consider donating money into a pool, that can then go toward providing free books to people who can not afford the book. If you choose, your name will be included in the dedication to the person who receives the donated book. Click here to find out more about donations or to make a donation.

Be Creative

Feel free to come up with your own unique way of spreading these positive inspirational messages.

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Comments (2)

Brother James,

After you so graciously sent me the book on diet and proper nutrition I have lost over THIRTY POUNDS in two months…also, my A1C (diabetic factor) is down two whole points, and I have been taken off of my diabetes medication…what a blessing! Even though I still face tremendous physical, emotional and financial challenges, I know that every day will continue to get better and better. God bless you my friend, and thank you for actually caring about my life – so few people do at this point (and we’ve never even met!) All the best to you and yours this holiday season!

I’m delighted to hear about your progress John, Sorry for the delay response, but I did not start looking at or answering questions or comments on this site till January 2016. Please do keep me updated on your progress. Someone I like to follow on Youtube regarding health is Dr. Robert Morse, consider checking out his free videos. Peace. JBC

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