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“I love these daily inspirational messages. Your daily emails truly uplift my day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” – Jenny 

“I absolutely LOVE reading your messages each day to start my day. Thank you for sharing your heart, truth and love with your daily messages!!” – Sharon

“I want to thank you will all my heart for your daily e-mails to help us all remember who we really are. Your gifts are the foundation for my entire day. Much gratitude and love” – D. Murphy

“Your Daily Inspiration messages are amazing. It seems like each day I read one, it is exactly what I need to read to inspire me. I am so grateful for these posts. Thank you a million times over.” – J.R.

“It never ceases to amaze me how your emails are exactly I what I need to hear at the moment. I had a disturbing call about my one of my children and this is exactly what I needed to hear to bring me back to peace. I appreciate and look forward to your emails! Peace and love back to you!” – Mary

“Thank you very much for your Inspirations each day. I truly enjoy them. I am in recovery from alcoholism and your daily devotional is really helping me out. Thank you very much for sharing them.” – Robert L.

“I am so thankful for your daily inspirations that have changed the way I think so much and made my life so much better. Thank you again.” – Geraldine

“James, there are days when your message truly speaks to me and today is another one of those days. It has prompted me to comment. I wanted to tell you that your book “You Have Chosen to Remember” came to me a number of years ago when life seemed very dark to me. I couldn’t see to be grateful for those dark moments as well. Your words continue in inspire me to keep seeking the light. I am and forever will be grateful to you for your wisdom and love in the messages you share with us each day. Many blessing to you James.” – Margaret

“Thank you for this message today. Life is problematic for me at the moment and I find your daily messages so very helpful. Sometimes they challenge me but that is good. Other times they bring comfort. Thank you so much.” – Fiona

“Thank you so much for your daily inspirations. I am very grateful for them. They help me keep my mind and heart and aligned with God to do his will and to live happy and free and be grateful to be alive.” – Robbie

“Thank you, James, for your daily inspirational messages. They’ve always been helpful. Just wanted to take this time to tell you that. Love and blessings to you.” H. Richey

“I’m so thankful for these daily messages. They are indeed enlightening. After reading today’s message, I now understand a dream I had several months ago. I knew the dream was symbolic and was trying to teach me something. Thank you so much !” – Maxine C.

“So grateful for these daily enlightened words. Thank you and God bless.” – Jan H.

“I have been enjoying receiving daily posts by email and watching the associated You Tube videos for a while and look forward to them everyday. I have James’ wonderful book but checking in on the daily messages offers a very powerful and uplifting start to the day. Thank you for the wonderful readings and videos so far! Regards, Susan McKinley N Ireland” – Susan

“Your Daily Inspirations are truly wonderful. They help me to understand myself and others better. They bring me closer to God and his never-ending love. Thank you.” – Ione P.

“Thank you James for these daily inspirations. They inspire me each day to continue on and be the best that I can be. It helps to stay true to the journey to have wonderful reminders of our true beauty. I am grateful for your emails and the messages they carry. Love and peace brother!” – Doreen N.

“Dearest James, I am so grateful for your beautiful message today and everyday. Thank you for doing what you do and being who you are. This message today has left a lasting impression in my heart . Thank you James.” – Margaret

“Thank you James for this beautiful reminder. Not only do I save all your daily inspirations but I am currently reading your book. I am reading it very slowly so as to absorb each sentence. I try to read it every morning to set the “stage” for my day. I really feel the difference if I do not start my day reading a part of it. It is so beautifully written, so loving.” – Daun

“You are amazing Mr. Cisneros. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your daily reminders which I have been receiving since the beginning of this year. I have had a very challenging year and your messages gave me so so much encouragement and help with remaining strong in difficult situations. Cheers.” – Miriam K.

“Once again you gave me the inspiration I need today! Thank you!” – Barbara

“Thank you James for your beautiful messages and reflections on truth, love, and gratitude. I truly am grateful to have the opportunity out of billions of people in the world to clearly hear your message and read your writings for many years. Indeed, what a blessing. We are all One.” – Renee C.

“This is HJP from sunny South Africa. ALWAYS at the right time you answer my spiritual needs. Without fail. Thank just for being there and the effort you put in to bring light to the world. It is the highlight of my morning to read your message. Love Light Joy.” – HJP

“I love your daily inspiration posts and mailings! Thank you so much for putting in the time to make them. I love getting them. They really help me start the day with a positive attitude.” – Jen

“Thank you so much for these daily lessons and reminders. As often happen, these coincide with daily lessons from A Course in Miracles. Bring in all the reinforcements!! Blessings” – Babs

“Dear James, I never stop experiencing tremendous AWE with your daily lessons. I will never stop being grateful and amazed that each day your “reminders” resonate with my being and offer EXACTLY what I needed for that day. Thank you, thank you for helping us all in our journey to “remember who we are” You are so loved.” – Dawn

“Learning to say no in a loving manner and in a way that integrates self-love is so important. Reading this soothes my soul. Thank you so much for another truly inspiring post! I LOVE your daily inspirational messages.” – Jenny

“Thank you for sharing your wisdom and compassion and a beautiful way to live. Reading and living your daily messages are an integral part of my spiritual practice. Namaste and Much Love.” – Kim

“I loved the post this morning. It made me feel so joyful and peaceful and so I think it shows that I am making progress in shifting out of my ego-dominated mind-set. Thank you so much for your wonderful daily messages. They are so helpful and constantly make me think and change my approach to life.” – F.R.

“Thank you James for these beautiful, thought provoking ideas that can lead to expansion and light up the True Self. I am grateful you take the time to write these messages everyday. I look forward to what the insight will be for each new day, and reflect on the ways I can implement them into my life! Namaste” – Sharon

“The words resonated with me in today’s message. Thank you James for your endless wisdom and devotion to these inspirational messages. I thoroughly enjoy them and have grown much through them. Blessings! With love and respect.” – Doreen

“Thank you for my daily inspirations, they are helping me with my grief, widow since 04/04/2013 of 47 years of marriage. 🌹God bless🌹.” – Diana

“Love your writings and messages!! Keep them coming. We all benefit from such divinely inspired words!!!” – Mary G.

“Your words are a beautiful reflection of God’s love. You are truly gifted to be able to speak in such an articulate and eloquent way. Your words help remind us the love, joy, and peace we are looking for is right inside of us. And our brothers and sisters hold the keys to allow us to feel them. I love you brother and thank you dearly.” – Wolf

“Dear James, Your daily messages are a source of strength and are enormously helpful to me. Massive wholehearted THANK You for these precious reminders of Trusting in God’s Plans. 🙂 Love, Miriam” – Miriam

Thank you so much very. This message touched me within very deeply! I look forward to your messages, even though some of them challenge and stretch me, but that is the point!! May Source continue to guide you with these AMAZING messages!! – Sharon

“Thank you so much for your daily messages. They are always what I need to hear at the time.” – Mary

“WOW…..what a Beautiful message to start the day!!! Your video is so helpful, as you give clear examples of how to put this wisdom into action! Keep these messages coming. They are wonderful!!” – S.

“Beautiful as ever, thanks for sharing the daily readings I receive are truly inspiring. I recently purchased your book and am currently reading it, for the first time in years today I feel like I have a true purpose and belong.” – Jason R.

“I thank God everyday for the inspiration you have given to all those who read this. It has given me a new perspective on life yet still reinforced my belief that everyone is born good and loving. It has made me feel excited about the rest of my journey!! Thank-you!” – Diane C.

“Hello, First I want to thank you for the daily inspirations. They help me so much. They are reminders of the truth of who we truly are. This one especially. I’m an addict. I’ve been lost in my addiction. It is NOT who I am. After reading today’s inspiration, I am remembering this. Thank you.” – Laurie

“Praise God for allowing Him to use you. Really blessed each time I have read excepts from your book. It is always reaches me at the right time that I need direction on some personal issue. Keep sharing.” – Jenny

“Thank You for this inspiring article. I look forward to your articles each day.” – Reahla

“I love receiving these daily inspirations. Thank you James! Today’s world is quite the classroom in which to learn about ego and of love. Thank you for the daily emails…it helps me a lot to center myself each day through them.” – D.N.

“This reminder came at just the right time for me today. Thank you for all you share.” – Diane

“Thank you so much for all of your teachings that hold such wisdom and Divine insights. You are a beautiful reflection of God’s love. I look forward every morning to reading what you have to say in your daily inspirations.” – W.D.

“Thanks a lot for your writings. I am learning so much about what love is and how to be human. Thank you for your work.” – Nancy

“Love these daily thoughts.” – Carol N.

“James, the gifts you give to so many on a daily basis are priceless. Thank you for the energy and love you pour into each daily message. You are truly a gift to humanity. I so needed this day’s lesson. I store your messages daily and look back for the one I need most for the day.” – D.M.

“My wife and I read, in our daily devotional time: ACIM, selections from You Have Chosen to Remember, and Daily Word. We are pleased to add your Daily Inspiration. Thank you.” – Jim M.

“Thank you….your messages are a constant reminder to live my life they way it was meant to be lived. I pass this wisdom to my children and family…this “ripple” will I hope be passed on for generations to come, to make a difference in this world. Thank you for your dedication in writing these emails.” – Penelope C.

“Thank you James. I want to say with gratitude that all of your daily posts mean so much to me in my journey. I feel totally supported in reading and absorbing every message. Over and over the exact one comes right when I need the message being shared. xo” – Janet

“Thanks for the daily thought James. As always, it came at the right time.” – Vivian

“Hello. I have read your book twice and really loved everything about it. I really look forward to your daily emails and feel very supported by them. Thank you xxoo” – J.

“I want to say thank you I look forward every morning to reading your thought provoking powerful affirmations. Thank you much. Best regards” – Felicia

“I absolutely love waking up to this inspiration and support….thank you so much.” – Tracey

“Wow, exactly, to the tee, what I needed to hear. I had just asked God a question and minutes later I got this daily quote. I got my answer. God is SO GREAT. Thank you, Love is truly all there IS.” – Theodore

“I read your book a few years ago and it was the beginning of a wonderful journey. Life got busy and i got involved in the drama and let the truth get forgotten. I am reading the book again and the daily readings and feeling back in power. Thank you.” – Joan

“I am truly grateful for the daily inspiration and I look forward to seeing the messages in my inbox daily. As a child, a lot of fairy tales were embedded in my consciousness and I am so very grateful that as an adult I can finally see the dragons are not real. Peace and Blessings to you all.” – Clea


Daily Inspirational Messages with James Blanchard Cisneros

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