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Daily Inspirational Messages (Videos):

June ~ Daily Inspiration Videos

Day Topic
 1 Being Grateful for Both the Darkness and the Light
 2 The Birth of the Present Moment
 3 Creating a More Compassionate and Loving World
 4 Reinterpreting the ‘Act’ of Anger
 5 Aligning With Your Life’s Purpose
 6 Your Eternal Truth is Within You Now
 7 We Are Not Who We Have Been Programmed To Be
 8 Recalling and Sharing Our True Nature
 9 Awakening from Hopelessness to Hope
10 You Are Not In the Presence of Others By Chance
11 Forgiveness Gifts You Power Over Judgment
12 Returning Back Home to the Present Moment
13 It Is Our Choices That Determine the Day We Have
14 Becoming the Expressions of Oneness
15 Offering Our Past Self Gratitude Instead of Judgment
16 No Longer Blocking Our Awareness to the Presence of Peace
17 Releasing Our Personal Blocks to the Awareness of Love
18 Letting Go Of the Ego’s Illusionary Idea of Failure
19 How ‘Others’ Help Us Heal
20 Returning to the State of Oneness
21 Undoing the Ego’s Thought System
22 Merging Into Oneness
23 Releasing Thoughts of Judgment and Self-Judgment
24 Feeling Free to Feel Your Feelings
25 Recognizing Your Whole Self
26 Building Your Life on a Rock Solid Foundation (Sand Castles On The Beach)
27 No Longer Feeling Alone
28 Creating Your Own Personal Peace Workshop
29 Making the Conscious Choice to Use Free Will
30 We Are the Eternal Expressions of Love

July ~ Daily Inspiration Videos

Day Topic
 1 The Practice of Remembering Who In Truth We Are
 2 The Light in You Can Never be Extinguished
 3 Being Appreciative, Not Judgmental, of Our Life Experiences
 4 Declaring Your Independence from the Ego’s Rule
 5 Finding Fulfillment by Delivering the Message
 6 Becoming Less Judgmental of Your Past
 7 Lifting Ourselves to a Higher Level of Consciousness
 8 God’s Love Is Always Available To You
 9 Solutions to the Ego’s Judgment, Stress, Anxiety, and Anger
10 Five Steps to Practice Being Who in Truth We Are
11 The Truth in You Can Not Be Judged
12 The Ego’s Imaginary Childish Games
13 Giving Up Nothing and Getting Everything in Return
14 The Ego’s Judgments or The State of Peace
15 Aligning With the Truth Within
16 Achieving the State of Peace by Seeing the Face of Divinity in All
17 The Reflection of the Present Moment is Peace
18 Allowing The Present Moment to Become your Workshop
19 The Ego and the Illusion of Separation
20 Why Do We Keep Repeating Patterns?
21 Why Do We Support Negative Beliefs about Ourselves?
22 You Are Forever Worthy Of God’s Loving Embrace
23 A Key to Your Journey is Your Joy
24 The Sacred Nature of Every Moment
25 Creating an Active, Living “To Do List” for Your Soul
26 Which Adviser Will We Listen To and Follow Today?
27 Ending Our Support for Judgment and Self-Judgment
28 The Power of Checking in on Yourself Throughout the Day
29 Our Gift to Each Other Is Each Other
30 Judgment Is Not Possible Without the Past
31 Living Fully Within the Present Moment

August ~ Daily Inspiration Videos

Day Topic
 1 The Similarity Between Judgments and Dreams
 2 Listening Is Both an Act of Kindness and Growth
 3 Making Peace and Joy the Goals for Your Interactions
 4 Taking Back Control from the Ego’s Programming
 5 No Longer Allowing the Ego to Reign Unencumbered
 6 Practice Being Who You Desire to Become
 7 As You Heal Your Mind You Heal Your World
 8 Breaking Out of Negative Thinking Patterns
 9 Overcoming Challenging Chapters in our Lives
10 Judgment & Not Forgiving are Forms of Self-Abuse
11 Forgiveness is an Act of Love and Self-Love
12 You Need Not Defend Yourself Against Illusions
13 Awakening to the Truth in You
14 Absolutely Nothing But The Truth in You is True
15 The Words We Use Will Lead Us to the Life We Live
16 A Healed Mind and the End of Judgment
17 The Light in You Forever Shines
18 The Gatekeeper of Your Mind
19 Changing the World A Moment at a Time
20 Reducing Negativity in Our Life
21 Seeing the ‘Positive’ in the ‘Negative’
22 Experiencing the Gift of the Present Moment
23 Today Who We See is Who We Serve
24 The Illusionary Nature of the Unforgiving Mind
25 Wisdom Is the Relinquishment of Judgment
26 There are no Gaps in God’s Love
27 Lighting the Way for Others
28 The Biggest Critic and Supporter of You, Is You
29 Good Morning Gratitude!
30 Love, A Physical Sensation of God’s Embrace (Meditation)
31 Peace Results from Self-Realization not Location

September ~ Daily Inspiration Videos

Day Topic
 1 Being a Conduit for Peace in Your Workplace
 2 Viewing Our Peers Through the Present Moment
 3 Your Truth Will Shelter Many From The Storm
 4 Forgive Another and Set Yourself Free
 5 You Are Not Lost, You Are Not A Failure
 6 The Physical World Is A Reflection Of Our Collective Internal Condition
 7 Experiencing The Expression Of Fulfillment
 8 The Ego’s “Solutions” to Bitterness and Anger
 9 What is Death?
10 What is Success?
11 You are Not Alone
12 Gossip and Sarcasm
13 Frustration and Worry
14 Choosing to No Longer House Judgmental Thoughts
15 Free Will: What We Value We Become
16 Achieving Peace By Simply Allowing Our Truth to Shine
17 You Will Never Be Judged By Anyone’s Truth
18 Exchanging Judgment for Forgiveness and Gratitude
19 Viewing this World Through Eternity’s Eyes
20 Over Time We Will See And Feel Judgment’s Wounds
21 You Are the Creator of the World You See
22 Our Thoughts Transform the World We Experience
23 We Are Not Upset for the Reason We Think
24 Finding Our True Foundation
25 We Are All Family
26 Understanding Why People Experience Resentment
27 You Can Bless Yourself With Every Thought You Think
28 The Gift Within The Illusion
29 Indecisiveness
30 We Are Reacting to the Figures in Our Own Dream

October ~ Daily Inspiration Videos

Day Topic
 1 The Truth Within You is Sacred, Loving and Eternal
 2 Self-Doubt
 3 You Are Who You think You Are
 4 The Illusion of One Step Forward and Two Steps Back
 5 What Has Anger and Judgment Ever Done For Us?
 6 Looking At The World With Forgiving Eyes
 7 Creating a Kinder World
 8 Experiencing our Wholeness by Gifting it Away
 9 Understanding the “Acts” of Frustration and Anger
10 Forgiveness, Peace, Joy and Gratitude As Core Inherent Values
11 Today Enjoy the Bounty of Your Harvest
12 Releasing The Present From The Past And Future
13 Celebrating Our Eternal Nature
14 We Cannot Achieve Peace Through Punishment
15 The Choice Between Trust and Worry
16 What is The Ego?
17 Reevaluating the Idea of “Having a Bad Day”
18 Respecting How You Feel Is Respecting Yourself
19 Learning To Love Yourself More By Loving “Others”
20 Negative Thinking Shows Us Where We Desire Not To Go
21 You Can Create as Your Creator Created
22 Nothing and No One Else But Our Interpretations Can Upset Us
23 Aligning Peace With The Idea of “Being on Time”
24 Saying “No” In a Loving Manner
25 “Negative” Emotions Do Not Make Us Less Spiritual
26 Using the Ego’s Thoughts to Free Us from It
27 Experiencing More Happiness in Your Everyday Life
28 Five Steps That Assist Us In Releasing Judgment
29 Supporting the Reality of Oneness
30 Forgiving the Past and Setting Ourselves Free
31 Unloving Thoughts are but Masks We Wear

November ~ Inspiring Daily Videos

Day Topic
 1 There is No Shame in Struggle
 2 Experiencing a Less Judgmental, Sarcastic, and Critical World
 3 Six Steps to Creating a Less Judgmental and More Peaceful World
 4 The Illusion of Two Steps Forward and One Step Back
 5 Honoring Your Past, Present, and Future Self
 6 Loving those who Judge and Criticize Us
 7 Helping Others By Healing Yourself
 8 Becoming a Beacon of Joy
 9 Taking Action to Align with The State of Peace
10 Enlightenment: Reuniting With Our Eternal Essence
11 Compassion for Those in Emotional Pain
12 Self Worth: Focused on Appreciation Instead of Condemnation
13 Respecting Our Journey by Releasing Guilt
14 You Are An Answered Prayer
15 Our Children and the Thoughts We Think
16 Free Will: The Beginning of the End of Feeling like a Victim
17 Emotions are the Compass of the Soul
18 The End of War Begins Within Us
19 Ending the Ego’s Guilt Game
20 This World is a Reflection of the Thoughts We Think
21 Absolute Truth is Not Always Absolutely Right for You
22 Success and Honoring Your Own Journey
23 Two Ways to View Judgment
24 Healing the World By Healing Our Thoughts
25 Fear and Anxiety as Aides, Not Adversaries
26 You Can Feel Alone, You Can’t Be Alone
27 From “Why Me” to “Thank You,” Gratitude in Tough Times
28 Self-Judgment and Anxiety
29 Mercy
30 The Power of Listening to Yourself through Others


December ~ Inspiring Daily Videos

Day Topic
 1 Thinking Your Way to Peace and Joy
 2 Trust Reduces Guilt and Increases Peace
 3 Reducing Self-Judgment
 4 Are Your Thoughts and Beliefs Supporting You?
 5 Freedom Through Forgiveness
 6 Gratitude As A Symbol of The Christmas Season
 7 Valuing Free Will Over Our Past Programming
 8 Turning Every Day Moments into Blessings
 9 Shining the Light Into Our Shadows
10 The Blessing that is Your Whole Journey
11 Ending the Ego’s Shame Game
12 Our Imperfections Will Reveal to Us Our Perfection
13 Become the Expression of what You Desire to Experience
14 Let Us Practice Remembering Who We Truly Are
15 Making Fear an Ally Instead of an Adversary
16 Punish Yourself No Longer for Being Human
17 Appreciation as Our Reply to Reality
18 Reversing the Ego’s Anger Programmed Response
19 Turning Condemnation Into Compassion
20 Awakening Changes Darkness into Light
21 Feeling Bad is Not Bad for You
22 Creating the Habit of Happiness
23 All Nightmares End with You Awakening from Them
24 Christmas Eve’s True Gifts
25 A Christmas Awakening
26 Turning the Ego’s Upside Down Thinking Right Side Up
27 Working Through “Negative” Emotions
28 Decision Making: Does This Bring Me Peace?
29 Peace and Understanding as Soul Mates
30 From Reacting with Peace, to Co-Creating Peace
31 Every Moment Allows Us to Begin Anew

January ~ Daily Inspiration Videos

Day Topic
 1 This Year It Is You Who Becomes the Hero of Your Journey
 2 Our Journey’s Purpose Resides Within US Now
 3 Dissolving Worry with Trust
 4 Aligning with Your Highest Will
 5 The Real Protagonists of Our Story
 6 Turning Hopelessness Into Hope
 7 Looking Back at our Past with Peace Instead of Pain
 8 Oneness: Offering “Others” What You Desire for Yourself
 9 What is the Opposite of Love?
10 Within the Present Moment Every Person is a Gift
11 Grace
12 The Eternal Internal Gift
13 Reducing Self-Judgment
14 Is Anger Justified?
15 The Time Between Anger and Forgiveness
16 Our Physical Experience is a Reflection of Our Internal Condition
17 Trying To Be Who We Are Not Is Hard
18 Peace In Our Puzzle’s Completion
19 The Illusionary Power of an Unforgiving Thought
20 What is True Service?
21 Offering Forgiveness when Forgiveness Seems Too Hard to Do
22 Using Stress, Anger, and Resentment Not for Judgment But As Guides
23 You Are Never Alone
24 Peace and Our Changeless Eternal Nature
25 Returning Home to the State of Peace
26 Offer Others What You Desire to Experience
27 Our Truth Is Not Obtained, It Is Remembered
28 How Are You Choosing to Carry Your Past?
29 Gratitude and the Gift of Free Will
30 Where Does the Healing of this Planet Begin?
31 The Gift of Non-Divisible Love

February ~ Daily Inspiration Videos

Day Topic
 1 The Thoughts You Support Shape the Life You Live
 2 Words Show Us the State of Our Hearts and Minds
 3 Revealing the Truth Within
 4 Becoming Your Greatest Supporter
 5 What Happens As We Awaken?
 6 Fear Is an Unconscious Act of Self-Deception
 7 Ending the Blame Game
 8 The Practice of Trust
 9 Returning to our Natural State, the State of Peace
10 The Truth in One of Us is the Truth in All of Us
11 Freeing the World from My Judgments
12 Ending the Practice of Self-Judgment
13 Acknowledging Our Sisters’ and Brothers’ Service to Us
14 Loving the Unseen in Each Other
15 The Practice of Allowing What Is To Be
16 Letting Go of Who You Are Not
17 Forgiving Your Self
18 The Opportunity in “Negative” Emotions
19 Feeling As If You Don’t Belong
20 Peace is Just a Choice Away
21 Becoming an Example and Expression of Peace
22 Dealing with Tragedy
23 Scarcity vs. Abundance 
24 Repeating “Negative” Patterns
25 Slowly Dissolving Anger from Your Life
26 The Unchanged, Unchanging, and Unchangeable
27 As We Honor Others, We Bless Ourselves
28 Interrupting Our Illusions: What Do I Want? vs. What Do I “Really” Want?
29 Letting Go of Painful Memories

March ~ Daily Inspiration Videos

Day Topic
 1 Aligning with Our Mission
 2 Quieting Our Internal Critic
 3 Letting Go of Our Programmed-Self
 4 The Power You Hold Over The World You See
 5 Anger as an Illusionary Programmed Response
 6 Choosing to Value Innocence More Than Guilt
 7 The Unconscious Call for Help and Healing
 8 Learning to Listen to Ourselves
 9 How and Why The Ego Tries to Hide Your Inheritance
10 The Breath as a Doorway to Peace
11 Ending Our Support of The Ego’s Mindset
12 Stepping Off The Ego’s Stage
13 Let Us Be Who in Truth We Are
14 Being of Service by Being Your Truest-Self
15 Consciously Choosing Forgiveness Over Judgment
16 Self-Judgment, Being in the Right Place at the Right Time
17 Gratitude As Your Constant Companion
18 Ending Our Sacrifices to Anxiety’s Altar
19 You Host Every Thought You Think
20 Your Thoughts Paint The Picture of the World You See
21 Ending the Ego’s Rat Race
22 Feeling Out of Place in The Ego’s World
23 Dismissing The Ego as Your Guide
24 Seeing Light In The Darkness
25 Your Gift to The Present Moment is You
26 You Become What You Teach
27 Merging into Oneness
28 Our “Bad Habits” Are Not a Real Part of Us
29 Learning to Listen to Ourselves
30 Becoming As Little Children
31 Allowing The Eternal in You to Lead You

April ~ Daily Inspiration Videos

Day Topic
 1 How Much Worrying and Suffering Will We Choose?
 2 Failure Is a False Idea, A Fabrication of the Ego
 3 Choosing to See The World Through Forgiving Eyes
 4 Having Appreciation for Everyone and All
 5 Awakening to the Eternal Sameness in Each Other
 6 A Gift from The Physical World
 7 Laying Down the Sword of Judgment
 8 Dedicating Your Day to Gratitude
 9 Awakening from the Dream of Judgment
10 Letting Go of Unloving Thoughts
11 The Battlefield Within Our Mind
12 Revisiting “An Eye for an Eye”
13 Setting Differences Aside and Supporting Our Sameness
14 Consciously Freeing Ourselves from the Past
15 Aligning with Your Life’s Purpose
16 You Are The Author of The World You See
17 Overcoming the Idea of Death
18 Building a World Without Fear as Its Foundation
19 You are Never Alone
20 What Time Is to Eternity
21 The “Act” of Anger
22 Why We Sometimes Feel Lost and Confused
23 You Are The Gatekeeper of Your Kingdom
24 The Relationship Between Forgiveness, Setting Self-Loving Boundaries, and Being Taken for Granted
25 Receiving Peace by Seeing it in “Others”
26 The Illusion of Judgment
27 Every Day You Create Your Own Individualized Workshop
28 Remembering Your True Value
29 Making the Choice for Joy
30 What We Are Searching for We Already Are

May ~ Daily Inspiration Videos

Day Topic
 1 Being Grateful to the Signposts of Our Journey
 2 Self-Awareness Turns Judgment into Peace and Gratitude
 3 Ending the Ego’s Game of Self-Judgment
 4 A Daily Self-Forgiveness Practice
 5 Taking the First Step Towards Forgiveness
 6 Bringing Light into the Darkness
 7 In This World Unlearning is True Learning
 8 Judge Yourself No Longer for Being Human
 9 Offer “Others” the Love that You Desire to Experience
10 The Gift Within the Present Moment
11 Our Journey to the Present Moment
12 Becoming Love, Our Truest Expression
13 A Peaceful Mind is Ultimately Our Responsibility
14 Taking Greater Personal Responsibility for the Thoughts We Think
15 Every Moment Is An Answered Prayer
16 Allowing Peace and Compassion to be Your Companions
17 Where We Are Now Is Where We Have Volunteered To Be
18 We Do Not Live In Some Imaginary Gap In God
19 Experiencing The Act Of Unlearning As A Gift
20 The Illusionary Snake Within
21 Offering Gratitude to Those We Once Judged
22 The Choice Between Sanity and Insanity
23 A Limitless Well of Kindness Within
24 It Is Our Own Thoughts That Trap or Free Us
25 Where Judgment Once Stood, Let Now Gratitude Stand
26 Awakening in Your Mother/Father’s Arms
27 Taking a Stand Against What Is Not Working for Us
28 Behind the Veils of Hurt and Struggle
29 Peace: What We Choose To Focus On We Will Experience
30 A Place Within Us Of Perfect Understanding
31 Freeing Ourselves From The Burden of Judgment

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