Upcoming Books

Upcoming books by James Blanchard Cisneros

    • There is Another Way: Overcoming Real World Challenges
      This book is made up of the ask the author questions and responses that have been asked over the years. The book contains inspiring, practical strategies for overcoming life’s everyday challenges, including: developing peace of mind, letting go of anger, forgiving, being loving, dealing with challenging relationships, and trusting God. The estimated release date for this book is in 2018. To be notified when it is available, please sign up to receive our mailings.
    • Daily Inspirational Reminders for Embodying Our GodselvesThe estimated release date for this book is 2018. To be notified when it is available, please sign up to receive our mailings.
    • 100 Exercises / Creating Your Own Daily Personal WorkshopThe estimated release date for this book is 2019. To be notified wen it is available, please sign up to receive our mailings.
  1. Sandra

    Bought your book and am reading; since the death of my daughter, I have glimpsed there is a meaning and understanding of purpose. I am trying to lift the blinders and find the truth
    Thank you

    • James Blanchard Cisneros
      James Blanchard Cisneros12-29-2015

      Kachina47, sorry for the loss of your daughter. Thank you for your support. Two books that may assist you in lifting the veil of what is on ‘the other side’ that I enjoyed were ‘Many lives Many Master’ by Dr Weiss, and ‘Journey of Souls’ by Dr. Newton. Two books that help in clarifying ‘truth’ that I enjoyed are both by Sanaya Roman “living with joy’ and ‘Spiritual Growth.’ I will be sending / emailing a daily written message through this site, so do sign up for it, that will give you a nice, balanced, hopeful and joyful way to start your day. Peace. JBC

  2. Kim bryant
    Kim bryant08-06-2016

    thank you for sharing your wisdom and compassion and a beautiful way to Live . reading and Living your daily messages are an integral part of my spiritual practice .
    Namaste and Much Love

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