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The book You Have Chosen to Remember is available in paperback, e-book and audio book formats. And now, the book is also available in Spanish – Has Elegido Recordar. You can purchase the book in your preferred format at the following links.

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  1. Jacky Patrick Malloy
    Jacky Patrick Malloy12-20-2012

    Would like to talk with you about a speaking engagement. http://www.akwi.org is our website and 818.812.0663 it my number.
    Please take a look at what we are all about and if you would like to take part in our next My Spiritual Alliance Conference on February 2nd gay back to me at your earliest convenience.

    Let your heart lead you in all things

  2. Candace

    I have received so much clarification of the course from you. I secretly call you Jimmy Thank you for the love you give. I am appreciating your videos. In gratitude, your sister, Candace

  3. ale

    for few times proud of being venezuelan, thnks James

  4. Shanna

    Hi…. I so cannot wait to get this book! The more excerpts I read, the more excited I get… I do have books a million gift card.. Perhaps they have it

  5. Lisa

    Is your book available as an audio book?

    • jen

      Hi Lisa,

      Thanks so much for asking! We are actually in the process of creating an audio book which should be available soon (hopefully within a month). If you sign up for our newsletter (right hand side of our web pages below the book cover picture), you’ll be able to find out when the audio book is available.

      Best wishes.

  6. Liberty Harakas
    Liberty Harakas12-04-2015

    I own a metaphysical shoppe on Vancouver Island and several customers have requested that we order your book in. Do you have a distributor or offer wholesale purchases?
    thanks kindly,

    http://www.lobeliaslair.com and on Facebook

    • jen

      Hi Liberty,

      I hope you are well.

      I emailed you back in January, but I am not sure the email ever got through. I just re-emailed you in hopes that you see one of the responses to you.

      Best wishes,

  7. dorisa helsani
    dorisa helsani01-01-2016

    I came across this site while thinking of our daughter who went missing no closure if possible can you mail me a copy of your book free of charge financially broke right now why isnt the person found after all these years is it cause they dont want to be please pray for us for answers thank you address is 6355 monarch circle colorado springs colorado 80919

    • James Blanchard Cisneros
      James Blanchard Cisneros01-01-2016

      Dorisa, it would be my honor to send you a book as a gift. I will send it to you on Monday the 4th of January. Keep me updated to make sure you got it. I would imagine you will receive it in 7-10 days.

      In Jesus name and through the power of the Holy Spirit I pray with all my heart, soul, confidence, and trust in God that you will receive answers and peace in regards to your daughter’s whereabouts. Amen.

      Peace. JBC

  8. Lisa

    This book is one of the best self-help books I have ever read. I like to re-read it every year. And each time I do, I get so much out of it. Thanks for writing it and sharing it with the world.

    • James Blanchard Cisneros
      James Blanchard Cisneros01-02-2016

      Thank you Lisa for being a part of our community and for your kind words about the book. Would love it if you ever get a chance to post a review of your experience with ‘You Have Chosen to Remember’ on Amazon. Peace. JBC

  9. Fred

    I receive your emailings daily and find them to be relevant, up lifting, and theologically sound. I took the liberty to post one of the ‘You Have Chosen to Remember’readings along with all of your contact information. The many comments I received on that posting were all positive and I believe that they and others will join with me in using it throughout 2016. Blessings! Keep me on you mailing list!!

    • James Blanchard Cisneros
      James Blanchard Cisneros01-05-2016

      Thank you Fred for your kind words and for your kindness in sharing the message! I’m delighted that you have chose to join us on this journey. Please feel free to post as many messages as you feel called to do. Peace. JBC

  10. tracey

    I absolutely love waking up to this inspiration and support….thank you so much 🙂

  11. Josephine

    November of 2012. A very dark, helpless, hopeless time in my life. All of the illusion that I thought was my life came crashing down around me. I was somehow led by the Divine Grace of GOD to your website. I reached out to you asking if you could send a copy if your book. Not a week later I had it in my hands. Through the darkest days and night I read and re-read it several times. The words gave me strength, hope and courage. Yes, i HAVE chosen to remember and awaken. Thank you.

    • James Blanchard Cisneros
      James Blanchard Cisneros02-17-2016

      Thank you Josephine for your kind words and for being open to the message. There are hills and valleys, highs and lows in everyone’s journey. Regardless of your highs and lows, God loves you equally and always. Continue to support with your time, energy and focus – words, thoughts and emotions that support you, that align you with our Creator. All that Love is you are, learn this, teach this through your example, and become the light that you in truth have always been.

      Please make sure to follow our ‘Daily Inspirations’ post, its free when you sign up. I’m creating 366 (Feb 29 included) lessons/thoughts for the day to help keep us on track throughout the year. Peace. JBC

  12. HEKMAT B.
    HEKMAT B.02-02-2017

    my mother left our life since one week, Realy I have A Hard Feeling I can’t find the words to describe my status. I asking a strange question where is me??

  13. Jenny

    Praise God for allowing Him to use you. Really blessed each time I have read excepts from your book. It is always reaches me at the right time that I need direction on some personal issue. Keep sharing.

  14. Maria Christina Mendes Caldeira
    Maria Christina Mendes Caldeira07-09-2018

    Dear James ,

    Your book used to be my all answers book for a while until I found out I knew the author what made an abstract possibility of changing patterns and beliefs became a real situation . Once I discovered this I read the whole book and got that there is another way to live . I started to unveiled the patterns one by one , some where more painful than others but I’ve started to have the courage to look at each of them and forgive me and everything involved on the creation of this huge wall of logic allowing the heart and the feelings to flow again in my life. Sometimes I feel I can drawn on their flood but I remember to ask the whole spirit to help me go with the flow like a child playing in the river of life.
    Thank you so much to inspire me the change and allow me to reach my inner child again …
    God bless you,
    Maria Christina Mendes Caldeira

    • James Blanchard Cisneros
      James Blanchard Cisneros07-09-2018

      Thank you Maria Christina for being open to the message and for being a member of our community. Thank you for your kind words and I’m honored that the message has been of use to you on your journey. All glory to God. Peace. JBC

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