There is Another Way: Overcoming Real World Challenges

Book 2 Cover: There is Another Way: Overcoming Real World ChallengesThere is Another Way: Overcoming Real World Challenges by James Blanchard Cisneros

There is Another Way: Overcoming Real World Challenges is made up of the ask the author questions and responses that have been asked over the years. The book contains inspiring, practical strategies for overcoming life’s everyday challenges, including: developing peace of mind, letting go of anger, forgiving, being loving, dealing with challenging relationships, and trusting God.

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You can access a lot of the helpful material in this book before it is available for sale by going to the Ask the Author > List of Questions.

And you can ask James a question, by going to the Ask the Author form.

And if you are in the mood to read a wonderful, inspiring book now – please consider purchasing You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy.

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I came across your website back in November of 2012. Being at a deperate place in my life I felt alone and scared. You sent me your book when I didnt have money to purchase a copy. I read it cover to cover several times. Each paragraph bringing comfort and hope. Thank you. GOD BLESS

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