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Addiction Fulfilling Life Peace of Mind
Anger God Prayer
Attitude Godself Relationships – Family
Being in the Now Happiness Relationships – General
Challenges Helping to Make the Religion
Children World a Better Place Self Development
Choices Higher Self Service
Compassion Illness Soul
Death & Dying Illusions in Life / Society Suicide
Dreams Judgment / Criticism There are No Accidents
Ego Love Trust
Enlightenment Lucid Dreaming Trusting God
Faith Meditation


Forgiveness OBE’s

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  1. manish mehrotra
    manish mehrotra12-02-2012

    this quotes are very very inspirational

  2. theophilustandoh

    i like this place because of the inspirational words.

  3. jessica

    Thanks for all the happy quotes!!!!!! xoxoxoxo

  4. Zandile

    This is a beautiful space. Keep spreading the peace and inspiration:-)

    • Heart

      Love these inspirational words. Thanks

  5. Heart

    Keep spreading the love, peace and goodwill to others. God bless you and your team. Thanks

  6. Matilda

    This is so inspirational. God bless you.

  7. Hary

    Love is eternal…
    Love is ever lasting…
    Thanks and please keep the good work ahead

  8. Donna Birch
    Donna Birch09-01-2014

    I need this book. I believe it holds the answers I need.

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