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There comes a time in the lives of all worshippers of junk when they must ask themselves why, after following all the rules the ego’s world asks for, they are still not happy, and why they are not at peace with themselves and their world. In this society, such a time is usually referred to by the ego as a mental breakdown, depression, a mid-life crisis or burnout. These phrases are used by the ego to put down and sedate those individuals who dare to question this world’s reality. For in this world, the ego knows when it is losing control of its slaves, and it will not stand idly by. The world is ruled by the ego. The ego has invested a lot of time in these people, and it does not want them to go free. But the worshippers of junk, the slaves of the ego, can only live in an unnatural state for so long before they begin to question how they feel. Soon they begin to wonder if this is what it’s all about. When they finally realize that they are measuring their worth by how much junk they have acquired, sadness, lack of peace, a mental breakdown, a mid-life crisis, burnout or depression may set in.

My friend, do not buy into the world’s fantasies and negative connotations. If this is what you are experiencing, this moment should become a time of great joy and celebration, for you have, in some manner, finally realized that junk has truly nothing to offer. You now have the opportunity to realize what the worship of junk and illusions has truly offered you, and how its worship has made you feel. For a moment, thank yourself for the worshiping of junk, for it has brought you to the recognition of what it has to offer. It has offered you a sense of separation from your true self. It has offered you sadness. It has offered you pain. It has offered you stress, confusion, depression, doubt, emptiness, fear and regret. It has offered you nothing you ever truly desired.inspirational quote - end

– James Blanchard Cisneros, Author of You Have Chosen to Remember: A
Journey from Perception to Knowledge, Peace of Mind and Joy,
p. 45-46

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In the next month, I had many more panic attacks. My mother took me to a hospital. They did all kinds of tests and found nothing. Nobody ever mentioned the phrase “panic attack” to me. It wasn’t until years later that I found out there was a name for what I went through. Little by little, I could tell that I was making myself sick. Something – anything would set off the attacks, and I could feel my blood pressure rising, my heart pumping. I would become hot and dizzy. After about a month of these attacks, a month of feeling like crap, in and out of bed, I decided that enough was enough, and that if I was doing this to myself then I could also undo it.

I started working to understand the thoughts that were coming into my mind that were resulting in such a negative and fearful reaction. After working on my mind for the next couple of months, the attacks became less frequent and less severe. I was able to get to a point where I understood where my mind was headed, and I stopped the attacks from debilitating me. The more I watched over my mind, the more I was able to understand that the thoughts that were coming in – I was allowing in. Not only was I allowing the thoughts to come into my mind, but I was also putting a personal value on each one. The more I valued a thought, the more I focused on it, and the more I focused on it, the more it affected my mental, emotional and physical state. About a year after they began, the panic attacks completely stopped. My mind had made me sick and my mind had healed me. I was now in full control of my mind. I became truly in awe of the power of the mind. Yet, somehow I understood that I was more than my mind, but that I could still use it as a tool and have it work for or against me. I believe that my interest in psychology and philosophy began about that time. I just knew that there was a lot more to the mind than we were being taught or told.inspirational quote - end

– James Blanchard Cisneros, Author of You Have Chosen to Remember: A
Journey from Perception to Knowledge, Peace of Mind and Joy,
p. 60-61

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An excellent book on the subject of what happens to us in between incarnations, or our life between lives, is titled “Journey of Souls,” by Michael Newton, Ph.D. By regressing 29 people, Dr. Newton literally takes the reader on a journey describing what occurs from death to rebirth. One example that I found very helpful in reinforcing my belief that there are no accidents is that of case number 26. This case involved an athletic woman who enjoyed sports, despite having been bothered all her life with reoccurring leg pain. She had been to many doctors for this pain, yet nothing physically wrong was ever found. The following excerpt of the session is taken directly from “Journey of Souls:”

19 Almost at once, the woman dropped into her most recent past life, and became a six-year-old girl named Ashley, living in New England in the year 1871. Ashley was riding in a fully loaded, horse drawn carriage, when suddenly she opened the door and tumbled out and under the vehicle. When she hit the cobblestone street, one of the heavy rear carriage wheels rolled over her legs at the same point above her knees, crushing the bones. My subject re-experienced a sharp pain in her legs while describing the fall.

Despite efforts from local physicians and the prolonged use of wood splints, Ashley’s leg bones did not heal properly. She was never able to stand or walk again and poor circulation caused repeated swelling in her legs for the rest of her rather short life. Ashley died in 1912, after a productive period of years as a writer and tutor of disadvantaged children. When the narration of Ashley’s life ended, I returned my subject to the spirit world.

The following is a transcript of the session with Dr. Michael Newton and his subject, Ashley. Ashley had experienced lives as a crippled woman and as Leth, a strong Viking.

Dr. N: In your history of body choices why did you wait a thousand years between being a physically strong man and a crippled woman?

S: Well, of course, I developed a better sense of who I was during the lives in between. I chose to be crippled to gain intellectual concentration.

Dr. N: You chose a broken body for this?

S: Yes, you see, being unable to walk made me read and study more. I developed my mind… and listened to my mind. I learned to communicate well and to write with skill because I wasn’t distracted. I was always in bed.

Dr. N: Was any characteristic about your soul particularly evident in both Ashley and Leth the Viking?

S: That part of me which craves fiery expression was in both bodies.

Dr. N: I want you to go to the moment when you were in the process of choosing the life as Ashley. Tell me how you decided on this particular damaged body.

S: I picked a family in a well-established, settled part of America. I wanted a place with libraries and to be taken care of by loving parents so I could devote myself to scholarship. I constantly wrote to many unhappy people and became a good teacher.

Dr. N: As Ashley, what did you do for this loving family who took care of you?

S: It always works two ways – the benefits and liabilities. I chose this family because they needed the intensity of love with someone totally dependent upon them all their lives. We were very close as a family because they were lonely before I was born. I came late, as their only child. They wanted a daughter who would not marry and leave them to be lonely again.

Dr. N: So it was a trade off?

S: Most definitely.

Dr. N: Then let’s track this decision further back to the place of life selection, when your soul first saw Ashley’s life. Did you see the details of your carriage accident then?

S: Of course, but it wasn’t an accident – it was supposed to happen.

Dr. N: Once you came to earth, who was responsible for the fall? Was it your soul-mind or Ashley’s biological mind?

S: We work in unison. She was going to be fooling with the carriage door handle and… I capitalized on that.

Dr. N: Tell me what was going through your soul-mind in the life selection room when you saw the scene of Ashley falling and being injured.

S: I thought about how this crippled body could be put to good use. I had some other choices for body injuries, but I preferred this one because I didn’t want to have the capability for much movement.

Dr. N: I want to pursue the issue of causality here. Would Ashley have fallen anyway if she had a soul other than your own?

S: (defensively) We were right for each other.

Dr. N: That doesn’t answer my question.

S: (long pause) There are forces beyond my knowledge as a spirit. When I saw Ashley for the first time, I was able to see her without me… healthy, older – another possibility.

Dr. N: Now we are getting somewhere. Are you saying if Ashley had begun her life with another soul entity that she might not have fallen at all?

S: Yes, that’s a possibility… one of many. She could have also been less severely injured, with the ability to walk on crutches.

Dr. N: Well, did you see a physically healthy Ashley living happily without your soul?

S: I saw a grown woman… normal legs… unhappiness with a man… frustration at being trapped in an unrewarding life… sorrowful parents… but easier. (Voice becomes more firm.) No! That course would not have worked well for either of us – I was the best soul for her.

Dr. N: Were you the prime mover of the fall, once you elected to become Ashley’s soul?

S: It… was both of us… we were one at that moment… she was being naughty, bouncing around in the carriage, playing with the door handle when her mother said she must stop. Then I was ready and she was ready.

Dr. N: Just how rigid was your destiny? Once you were Ashley’s soul was there any way you could have backed out of this entire incident in the carriage?

S: (pause) I can tell you I had a flash just before I fell. I could have pulled back and not fallen out. A voice inside my mind said, “It’s an opportunity, don’t wait any longer, take the fall, this is what you wanted – it’s the best course of action.”

Dr. N: Was that particular moment important?

S: I didn’t want Ashley to get too much older.

Dr. N: But, the pain and suffering the child went through…?

S: It was horrible. The agony of those five weeks was beyond belief. I almost died, but I learned from enduring it all, and I now see that the memories of Leth’s capacity for managing pain helped me.

Dr. N: Did your inner mind have any regrets during those moments when the pain was most severe?

S: As I slipped in and out of consciousness during the worst of the ordeal, my mind began gaining in power. Overriding my damaged body, I started to better control the pain… the lying in bed… the doctors helpless. The skills I developed in managing pain were later used to concentrate on my studies and my counselor was helping me, too, in subtle ways.

Dr. N: So you gained a lot in this life by being unable to walk?

S: Yes, I became a listener and a thinker. I corresponded with many people and learned to write with inspiration. I gained teaching ability with the young, and felt guided by an internal power.

Dr. N: Was your counselor proud of your accomplishments after you returned to the spirit world?

S: Very, although I was told I had become a little too indulged and pampered (laughs), but that’s an okay trade-off.

Dr. N: How does your experience with the strong body of Leth and the weak one of Ashley help you today, or is this of no consequence?

S: I benefit every day by my appreciation of the necessity of a union between mind and body to learn lessons.

During my client’s reliving of the street scene, in which her legs were broken, I initiated desensitization measures. At the close of our session together, I then deprogrammed her generational memory of leg pain entirely. This woman later notified me she has had no further pain and regularly enjoys playing tennis. (19) inspirational quote - end

– Michael Newton, Ph.D., Journey of Souls

Cited in You Have Chosen to Remember, p. 138-142

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“W.T., how did you like your heart attack?”

“It scared me to death, almost.”

“Would you like to do it again?”


“Would you recommend it?”

“Definitely not.”

“Does your life mean more to you than it did before?”

“Well, yes.”

“You and Nell have always had a beautiful marriage, but now are you closer than ever?”


“How about that new granddaughter?”

“Yes. Did I show you her picture?”

“Do you have a new compassion for people – a deep understanding and sympathy?”


“Do you know the Lord in a richer, deeper fellowship than you had ever realized could be possible?”


“How did you like your heart attack?”

Silence was his answer. (30)

– Bob Benson,  Something’s Going on Here

Cited in You Have Chosen to Remember, p. 217-218

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Footnotes / Acknowledgments

Every effort has been made to provide accurate source attribution. Should any attribution be found to be incorrect, the author welcomes written documentation supporting correction for subsequent printings. For material not in the public domain, selection was made according to generally accepted fair-use standards and practices.

(19). Michael Newton, Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives, Copyright 1994 (Llewelyn Publications).

(30). Bob Benson, Something’s Going On Here, Copyright 1977 (Impact Books).

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