Inspirational Quotes about Suicide

Your brother took his life and brought it home. Although the inadvisability of suicide is spoken of, it is all right. It is clear that when one chooses to quit school, it is necessary to come back again and learn what could not be learned at the time. I speak to you from eternity, and there is no limit to the number of lives one can have.

Your brother is learning many valuable things. He is home. He is well. He is working, and will design a curriculum next time that will be more compatible with his willingness and his needs.

It is to yourself that you must direct your attention. What does it mean to you to have a brother who killed himself? You need to hear the voice of God within you that knows it’s all right, that he is eternal. Hear the message he gave you. No one acts alone. No one acts in a vacuum. No one kills himself without leaving a legacy of growth behind.

There is no punishment in God. There is only eternal love and understanding. Suicide is merely a foolish act, and as such, it reaps its own reward and there you are.

Your prayers and blessing will be much appreciated, but more than that, your gentle and sweet understanding of the futility of the act (of suicide) will be most welcome. (41)

– Pat Rodegast, Emmanuel

Cited in You Have Chosen to Remember, p. 292

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(41). Emmanuel, Pat Rodegast, Judith Stanton, Emmanuel, Copyright 1985 (Bantam Books).

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