Chapter 12: At Peace With The Afterlife

An excerpt from You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy by James Blanchard Cisneros. 

There is no punishment for someone who commits suicide. The soul is not judged for having ended its life. The soul is never judged by anyone other than itself. The soul that commits suicide usually experiences a sense of embarrassment that it has lost or squandered away an incredible opportunity. It soon understands that next time it comes to Earth it will need to deal with these issues. It welcomes this “second chance” to learn to deal with issues and circumstances in a more productive manner.

The only ones who truly suffer are those people who are left on Earth. Then again, the amount of grieving done by those left on Earth is, in the end, equal to their misperceptions of the situation. That being said, you should never judge how an individual reacts to such an incident. Behind every veil of illusion lies the gift of truth. The veil has the density and weight you give it. The gift will be revealed once you have chosen to lift the veil. The amount of hurt and pain you experience is equal to your belief in the reality and finality of suicide. The more strength you give to the illusion of suicide, the more you will hurt. The more strength you give to the illusion that you will never see that person again, the more sadness you will feel. The more strength you give to the illusion that the individual does not exist any longer, the more alone you will feel. The more strength you give to the illusion that the individual who committed suicide is now suffering, the more you will suffer. The more strength you give to the belief that this individual is being judged by God, the more you will judge yourself for what happened. The more strength you give to the illusion that you cannot live without that individual in your physical proximity, the less you will want to live your life. The more you choose to live in the past and in the illusions of “what ifs,” the more weight you will carry with you into the present. Never judge a brother for how much strength he gives to illusions. He will give strength to illusions as long as he finds them valuable.

The best thing you can do for yourself and someone who has chosen to take his life is to simply pray for him, to send him your love, strength and support and to ask God for love, strength, and support for yourself. If you choose to suffer, your suffering will come to the attention of the soul that has committed suicide. The soul will need to see what it has helped cause. In absolute terms, it would expedite the process for the departed soul if you simply let it move forward. The more you suffer from its action, the more it is “held back” to experience the full extent of its action. For example, if you go to that person’s grave and sulk in pain over its action, it will “come down” to see what its action caused. It is of extreme importance to note that this is not done as a punishment to the departed soul but as a continuation of its lesson plan, the complete comprehension of the full effect of its action. Equally so, there will be significant lessons for those left behind, but how and when they choose to learn them will be up to them.

My friend, you may choose to learn through joy or through pain. I will respectfully offer you this one fact: you will eventually come to terms and obtain peace with regard to your brother or sister’s action. The time it takes you to allow this peace to be experienced is up to you. Yet know that this much is true: your brother or sister will see and experience the full result of his or her action. Again, the soul does this not because it is being punished, but because this is the best way for it to truly learn and understand what it has helped cause. You have the choice to let it see you by its gravesite in pain, or praying for peace in your room. You need to react the way you need to react, and there is no judgment in that. But understand that your brother or sister will be greatly strengthened by your prayers, and will find wonderful relief in your peace.

Again, I offer Pat Rodegast’s view on suicide from “Emmanuel:” 

41 Your brother took his life and brought it home. Although the inadvisability of suicide is spoken of, it is all right. It is clear that when one chooses to quit school, it is necessary to come back again and learn what could not be learned at the time. I speak to you from eternity, and there is no limit to the number of lives one can have.

Your brother is learning many valuable things. He is home. He is well. He is working, and will design a curriculum next time that will be more compatible with his willingness and his needs.

It is to yourself that you must direct your attention. What does it mean to you to have a brother who killed himself? You need to hear the voice of God within you that knows it’s all right, that he is eternal. Hear the message he gave you. No one acts alone. No one acts in a vacuum. No one kills himself without leaving a legacy of growth behind.

There is no punishment in God. There is only eternal love and understanding. Suicide is merely a foolish act, and as such, it reaps its own reward and there you are.

Your prayers and blessing will be much appreciated, but more than that, your gentle and sweet understanding of the futility of the act (of suicide) will be most welcome.

41. Emmanuel, Pat Rodegast, Judith Stanton, Emmanuel, Copyright 1985 (Bantam Books).

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I’m one of 6 siblings sinse the age of 3 I was sexually abused beaten and mentally abused, locked in my room they nailed the windows so we couldn’t leave they locked our food in the outside shed and took out the light bulbs we wet our beds everynight and they were never changed for two years, my brothers and sisters sufferd just the same, I asked for help oh the social services came then sent me back to the abusers until they could make a case also they notified the abusers who then made me say I was lying or bad things would happen, I now have one brother who hung himself 3 years ago another brother who wants to die and is self harming a sister who doesn’t leave the house and me who feels so much painnnn its eatin me up! but I will get thru this and I will fight whatever suicidle thoughts I feel! I refuse to let them monsters take my life to, legally my brothers death was suicide to us siblings it might as well just be called murder! There’s no such thing as cowardness in suicide its a brave thing to face but even braver to turn that pain in to positive power and a will to survive! I couldn’t save my brothers life and there’s no helpin me and my siblings now, I just hope I save at least one life somewhere

Gosh, much love and strength to you. Sometimes the souls that experience the deepest of trauma, of that can open to releasing the pain and healing, go on to break the cycles and create incredible paths that others can then follow. Walk onwards, face forward. This can make you strong and resilient behind measure. Years of a very good therapist, going to workshops and even rebirthing turned my direction around, after an abusive childhood. I am now a loving, powerful yet harmless leader in my community, thanks to my history and those abusers no longer have any claim to me. Much love to you. X Lucy

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