Forgiveness – Inspiring Short Video

Check out this inspiring video on Forgiveness. This wonderful video on forgiving may inspire you to let go of anger and forgive family, friends, enemies and even your self for past mistakes.


This Forgiveness video is based on excerpt from the book – You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy by James Blanchard Cisneros.

Chapter 7 of the book: Freedom Through Forgiveness explores forgiveness in-depth, and provides great strategies and tools for letting go of anger, forgiving everyone you need to and freeing yourself.

Please consider purchasing the book: You Have Chosen to Remember – today. It makes a great gift for yourself or anyone else interested in letting go of anger and forgiving.

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How can I obtain a copy of this beautiful video. I want to buy two books one for each of my children. Daughter and Son who are so angry at each other, it just is breaking my heart. This little video is wonderful.

Thank you Rose for being open to the message. The books you can buy on Amazon by just going to Amazon and searching the title of the book: You Have Chosen to Remember. For the video, you can go to the following link to view this video on YouTube, or you can just copy and paste this link to an email that you send them:

This is probably one of the most beautiful and soooo true things I have seen on Forgivness.
I struggled very much with it until this last December, then smething just happened. It really is true that you CARRY the weight of un forgiveness with you everywhere you go & in everything that you do, & it IS heavy. One of the most beautiful & FREEING things you can do is truly forgive smeone, even if they don’t think your the one who needs to forgive. And actually I think in those situations it’s even more important bcse you just know thy are thinking “ha, he/she gave in, I won”..
It took me a long time to learn this, it might b the hardest thing you ever do but don’t ever let THAT be the reason you don’t try to make things right.
CHOOSE to do the right thing anyway.
Even if you know thy are prb laughing & smug
It doesn’t mean that you have to ever hang out with or trust them with you again if your heart or your gut is telling you not to.. But YOU can know in your heart that at the end of the day…. you just really did the “right thing” & the Peace that you receive from THAT is undescribable.

Just like the Bible tells us to. And it is in THAT, that we grow, learn & become.

Thank you Kimberly for your kind words and for being a part of this community. Forgiveness seems harder than judgment because the ego’s main fuel source is judgment. The ego has us consciously and unconsciously practice judgment on a continuous basis, and as they say: practice makes perfect. But judgment will not bring us true peace, only forgiveness can do that. You are God creation and thus are always worthy of peace. We are all One, and thus so too are your brothers and sisters worthy of God’s peace. When you forgive another, because we are all One, you set yourself free. Peace results from setting yourself free from judgments and thus aligning once again with God’s mercy.

Today when the ego is once again constantly demanding you judge your brother or sister, stop, for you have travel that dead end road many times before. Stop practicing over and over and over again the ego’s judgments, stop practicing what you no longer want. Instead take these opportunities to practice over and over and over again forgiveness, this will remind you over and over and over again that you are indeed worthy of peace. When you think of your brothers and sisters thank them for giving you the opportunities to practice forgiveness, to practice aligning with the state of peace. When the ego demands judgment, offer them the opposite of what the ego requires, think of them with love, pray for their peace, joy, health, and healing. Thank them for reminding you that you can indeed free yourself from the ego, and that you are God’s creation and are indeed always and forever worthy of peace. Peace. JBC

Thank you sooo much for this inspirational video. I have it on my desktop and play each day to remind me of these inspirational words.

The piano music is beautiful and I was just wondering what the song title and artist might be?

Thank You

Thank you and God bless you. I love this book….and now this video too.

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