Aligning With Your Highest Will

Daily Inspirational Messages with James Blanchard Cisneros

Daily Inspiration: January 4. Aligning With Your Highest Will

Your highest will and God’s Will for you are One. God’s Will for your life, is your highest will for your life. When the Bible says “Thy Will be done” it is equally and also saying “May my/your highest will be done,” there is no difference. We are all One, and so it should not be so difficult to believe that God’s will for you and your highest will are connected, are One? Ask yourself; do you not want the best, most beautiful, joyful, passion filled, and loving life for your children? Do you not hope and pray for their health, happiness, and peace every day? Do you not think that our Creator’s Will for All His children is at the very least as equally loving and supportive as your will is for your children?…