Book 3

Inspirational Quote - Every step on our journey helps us grow and find peace.

Every Experience Can Help Us Reach a State of Peace

“Today, we bless our “forward” and “backward” steps with the knowledge that, in truth, they are all helpful and needed to reach our destination – the state of peace.”

Inspirational Quote - Every experience helps us grow and evolve our consciousness

Every Step Helps Us Reach a Higher Level of Consciousness

“Please do not feel discouraged. In the illusionary world, two steps forward and one step back is the dance of the ego. In reality, every step is in one way or another helping you reach a higher level of consciousness.”

Inspirational Quote about Judgment and Forgiveness

Inspirational Quote – Using Judgmental Responses to Remember Forgiveness

Inspiring Message - Using Challenging Situations to Grow

Inspirational Quote – Using Challenging Situations to Grow

“Today, let us use the bad, sad, negative or upsetting situations to remind us of who we are not. Doing so will bring us a step closer to realizing who we truly are.”