Daily Inspiration: July 26. Which Adviser Will We Listen To and Follow Today? – Condensed Version

There are two main advisors that you can listen to throughout your day. The first one, being your higher-self who is One with God, and whose true essence is Love. The second one is the lower-self or ego, who is imprisoned within its past programming, and places itself in opposition to God. In reality, because God Is All, there is no opposition to All. Yet, if we are chained to our past programs, believing the ego’s fantasies as real, then an opposite to All seems possible. Consciously, but most often unconsciously, we always ask for advice before doing or reacting to anything or anyone. Whose advice you choose to follow, will be a determining factor of the kind of day you have. It is the advice that you consciously or unconsciously value most in any situation, that you will end up choosing and thus experiencing.

Today, let us practice slowing down time enough to consciously pick, the advisor of our choice. No longer will we be able to blame the world outside of us, when it is we who are consciously choosing, whose advise to follow. The choice of advisors is simply, it is between Love or fear, between God or the ego. When we pick God as our advisor, we will be aligning with, experiencing and offering, the energies and expressions of compassion, forgiveness, joy, peace and understanding. When we pick the ego as our advisor, we will be aligning with, experiencing and offering, the energies and expressions of judgment, anger, anxiousness, confusion and conflict. The world we end up experiencing, is thus truly not a function of what is happening ‘out there’, but of which advisor we are choosing to follow.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember

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Dearest brother, I recently lost my daughter, Joanne to suicide. Your advice every day is literally keeping me afloat in a sea of grief, blame and upset. I am choosing love as much as possible and your message helps me to redirect my thoughts when necessary. God bless you and your spiritual path.

I’m sorry Dolores for your loss.

Thank you for being member of our community. Every day lift your head up high towards the Heavens and make your daughter aware that today you will make her proud. You make those in The Light proud of you by becoming a light on Earth.

There are numerous ways to become a light. In a case such as yours, its perfectly ok to feel whatever it is you think you need to feel and for however long you need to feel it. But do write your experience down, be honest about your darkness and despair, your challenges with forgiveness of self and others, and yet there too, write down any and all the things that are little by little helping you out of that darkness. Do so every day, feel your feelings but also look up to God and your daughter for guidance, ask them to shine the light on you so that you may one day be able to shine this same light on others. Slowly work through and overcome your challenges, so that those who will one day travel your path, can be blessed to have your love, understanding and guidance.

Peace. JBC

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