Feeling Lost and Struggling to Find God

Topics Include:
  • Feeling lost and hopeless.
  • Struggling to find God.
  • Strategies to connect with God.
  • Activities to help embody your Godself.
  • Meditation / Guided Visualization: Relaxing meditation connecting to God and filling yourself with God’s love and light.

Ask the Author: Question & Response

You refer to assisting lost souls who don’t know that they are dead finding their way. Are there also lost souls here? How, then, if every moment is perfect and meant to be, can this be? I have been struggling for the past 8 months to find God. Some days, I feel hopeless. Is this meant to be or am I an aberration? How do I solve this? I always believed God would contact me on his own or it would happen when I died. I never realized you could have more while alive. With your book, however, I have achieved more peace than I ever believed possible and want to thank you for that. You are definitely followed a calling, dude! How can I follow mine? 

– Sherry, Michigan, USA

The ego places parameters around ideas such as “lost soul.” These parameters are usually filled with negative connotations. Like a whirlpool, the ego tries to draw us into accepting these parameters as our own, and little by little, we begin to define ourselves through the ego’s parameters. The ego feeds these ideas with negative connotations hoping that we will be so weighed down by them that we will not have the strength to look beyond these negative connotations, and thus have to eat from the ego’s plate.

But let’s go deeper. What does it mean to be lost? When someone says that they are lost, does that not imply that they are on a journey? Does not knowing that you’re lost imply that you know your final destination? Does not knowing your final destination mean that you do not have a home? Don’t most people on a journey, regardless of how long they may be lost, usually find their way? When you truly look deeper, does this not increase your level of hope? And as your level of hope rises, does this not make you feel more optimistic, self-assured and confident? And when you think about it, isn’t everyone on this planet, in one way or another, on a journey? Being that you’re included when I say everyone, does this make you an “aberration”?

My friend, we are all on a journey. For many, it is the realization that they are not where they want to be that awakens them to their journey. Yet, it is not an external journey that most truly seek, but an internal journey to a place that we have never left. It is a journey from forgetfulness to remembrance, from struggle and stress to release and freedom, from worry to trust, from the person the ego’s world wants to force you into being to the being you truly are.


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