Conscious, Unconscious & Dream Awareness Explained

Topics Include:
  • Different States of Consciousness.
  • Unconscious or Dream State.
  • Conscious-Unconscious State.
  • Conscious or Awakened State.

Ask the Author: Question & Response

Hello, In your book “You Have Chosen to Remember,” you write about how this reality we are experiencing is more like a mix between reality and the dream state, than a fully real world. Can you please expound on, and clarify that thought a bit more. I found it interesting. Thank you.

– Anonymous, USA

From my perspective, there are three possible mental states: the unconscious or dream state, the conscious-unconscious state, and the conscious or awakened state.

1.  The Unconscious or Dream State.

In the unconscious or dream state, your body and mind sleep, but your mind does not know or recognize that you are sleeping. A dream is simply an unconscious mental projection of your mind. There is no reality to it. Yet once in it, you participate and react to it as if it was real. You may be unconscious/asleep, but once your body wakes up, you might acknowledge that you were the creator of the world you participated in, and that you gave definition to every character in the dream. In the unconscious or dream state, you give the characters in your dream all the power they have. You react to them, believing you are apart from them. You become upset with ‘them’, but what you do not see is that you are upset – not because of what they do to you, but because of what you are doing to and through them, and how you are reacting within your own creation. Once your body wakes up from sleeping, you do not take ‘their’ little games or insults seriously. You do not hold grudges. Most likely, you do not waste your time continuing to judge or fear any of the people or things in your dream. What dreams can show you is that you have the power to make the world the way you would have it be, and that you are, in every moment, reacting to your own creation.

In dreams of judgment, punishment and anger, you see yourself being attacked by something that is not you. You then perceive yourself as the victim. You take no responsibility for the reaction you experience to the behaviors of ‘others’. In your mind, there appears a clear separation: you are innocent, the ‘other’ person is guilty. This ‘other’ person is the cause of my reaction, their actions justifies my anger and reactions. You do not see or take responsibility for how the story unfolds within your dreams. You would not react to figures in a dream if you knew that you were dreaming. They can be as bad as they want, but they can have no effect on you if you do realize it is your dream. Applying this lesson to your waking state will set you free. This realization takes away massive amounts of sorrow and pain. That is why the form of the ‘insult/problem’ does not matter. The answer is always the same, consciously awaken and realize that you are doing this to yourself.

You are the dreamer of your dream. The cause of suffering is then in your mind. Rejoice that this is so. For, if you have done this to yourself, then you can also undo it. How differently will you see the world when you recognize that you are not a victim, that you have control over how you see and participate within the dream?

2. The Conscious-Unconscious State.

In the conscious-unconscious state, when your body and mind are not sleeping, the body and mind continue to hold onto some of the belief systems of the dream state. And so in this state, the body and mind slip from moments of being awake, to moments of being asleep. In this state, although you are physically awake, mentally and spiritually you are dozing in and out of unconsciousness, in and out of reality. When you doze off into unconsciousness, you experience judgment, anger, stress, regret and any other illusionary ‘negative’ feeling, reaction or emotion. When you consciously awaken, you experience love, compassion, forgiveness and any other ‘positive’ feeling, reaction or emotion. When you doze off into unconsciousness, you are reacting from an unconscious habitual belief system, created in the past, and that you now bring forth and substitute for the present moment. When you are consciously awake – you react, live and participate in the present moment, free from past illusions or future imaginings.


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