Judgment of Systems & Individuals

Topics Include:
  • Judgment of individuals and systems.
  • How judgment affects us.

Ask the Author: Question & Response

In working on releasing judgment, an ongoing process for me at this time, I am currently aware that I tend to be accepting of people as individuals, in general. However, my judgment about systems currently in place is often great. I work as a clinician in a mental health clinic and find individual psychotherapy to be my rewarding purpose. But the obstacles presented by systems which are focused on paperwork details and oriented toward ruling people out rather than helping them makes me frustrated. I find myself complaining, along with my colleagues, in a manner that my wiser self knows is an error. I know that I am just resisting releasing the blockages, but wonder if there is any difference between judgment about systems rather than people?

– Linda, Washington, USA 

To answer your question directly, there are no differences between judging ourselves, our brothers and sisters and that of judging systems. All judgments have separation as their goal. Judgments, regardless of who or what they are directed at, injure us.

Understand the following: You are connected to God. Your brothers and sisters are connected to God. Therefore, you are connected to your brothers and sisters. Thus, what we do to our brothers and sisters – we do to ourselves. Systems, regardless of their size, are supported, sustained and maintained by our brothers and sisters. Therefore, when we judge their systems, we judge them and wound ourselves. We unconsciously wound ourselves. We feel wounded, yet we do not understand where this wounding is coming from. This creates confusion.


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