Remembering Your Godself

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Any workshops or live-in communities where one may go and sincerely focus on becoming our Godself? 

– Mario, Texas, USA

Do what and go where your heart and mind advise. Therefore, if you believe you must go somewhere to focus on becoming your Godself then feel free to do so.

Yet if you will, allow me to offer a suggestion. My friend, you may find yourself high in the Himalayan mountains or inside prison walls, yet there is no place where your Godself is not. Your Godself resides within you now, forever in loving and patient wait for you to acknowledge it. There is no one physical location that is, in truth, any different than any other physical location. You may have been taught, and now accept, that a mountain is more beautiful than a building, or that a stream is more peaceful than a city street. If you have chosen that, then so be it. But allow me to invite into the possibility of your mind that if you choose to think this way, then you will consider it more difficult to encounter your Godself in a building or city street than you would at a mountain or stream, and that is simply an illusion of the ego, a fairy tale read to you long ago that you now perceive as true.


This Q&A Includes The Following Topics:
  • Remembering our Godselves.


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