Transforming Inferiority, Jealousy & Negativity

Topics Include:
  • Strategies to overcome feeling inferior, negative, jealous and angry.

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I feel jealous and angry with everyone. I feel like a failure in life, although I have an average life. I feel inferior to most people, constantly feel negative and only want to feel confident and at peace with myself.

– Lorraine, Ireland

My friend, who you are today is simply a result of who you have allowed yourself to become. Who you are today is an assemblage of belief systems that have been taught to you, you have accepted as true, and now use to define and react to the outside world. This assemblage is now the principal tool you use to define your reality, and your reaction and relation to your reality. There are parts of this assemblage that are hurtful to yourself and others. These parts are the ones that I will be inviting you to release.  You will be invited to release them because they are not part of your true essence.

At first, they may be difficult to put down, yet do not despair. You have become unconsciously dependent on what they do for you. For example, you might be unconsciously choosing to feel inferior, because that way you do not have to place yourself in a position where you may be judged by others. This, in effect, is a way of hiding without experiencing the sensation that you are hiding. Thus, in this case the “reward” you get by feeling inferior is that you hide and do not get judged. Regardless of how counterproductive you believe some of these collections of beliefs are, you are actually getting some reward by supporting them, which is the reason you continue to hold onto them regardless of how painful they are to you.

If it is easier to envision, imagine this assemblage as a large group of sub-personalities. For example, feeling inferior is one sub-personality. Feeling jealous is another sub-personality, and so on and so forth. This way we can divide, understand, and conquer.  We can deal with each one, one at a time, and figure out what the “reward” you’re getting is. Then work on that specific area of your life, and replace the sub-personality that’s hurting you with a sub-personality that will bring more peace of mind and joy into your life.


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