Daily Inspiration: June 26. Sand Castles On The Beach

No matter how long a child entertains himself building sand castles on the beach, there always comes a time when he gets tired of the game. He then leaves that castle to dissolve back slowly into the sand. Equally so, no matter how much of our time, focus and energy, we have dedicated and directed to the ego’s delusional mindset, we will sooner or later tire of its results. This is when we will start looking for a better way of interacting with self and other. One who thinks he can deviate from God’s Love is just playing a child’s imagery game. God is Love and All, thus anything apart from Love is imaginary in nature, nothing, not real nor true. Let us no longer waste our time building that which will not last. Fear base tools such as that of judgment is simply a symbol of a mind that is asleep to its true nature. Knowing this, let us stop supporting, and thus awaken from, the ego’s dream of judgment. If today you find yourself emerge in the ego’s delusions, do not despair. Simply recall that God can and will use all, even our silly little mind games, for good, to help us grow, heal and awaken. When this is understood, the need for judging self and others, or other ego games like guilt, resentment, anger, hate and revenge, begin like the sand castle, to slowly dissolve away. Today, let us realize that none of the ego’s judgment centered games are bringing us the lasting peace of mind and joy that we desire. Today, let us use the realization that we are playing the ego games to practice choosing their opposite. When the ego wants you to again judge, instead forgive. When it wants you to play the game of anxiousness, instead practice trusting God more. When the ego demands you become angry, resentful and hateful, instead ask God’s mercy, grace and compassion, to lead the way. Do not despair, for once you awaken to who in truth you are, you will no longer have the need to play the ego’s childish imaginary games.

Sand castles, just like all of the ego’s illusionary tools, are built on a temporal false foundation. The less of our time, focus and energy, that we put into them, the less real they appear to be. No longer focus on them, and they begin to dissolve from our life. They, the ego’s games, have in truth no reality, no staying power. The only power they have ever had, is the power we gave to them. Take our time, focus and energy, away from them, and they will naturally dissolve before our light and understanding. Love is who we are, our true nature and Home. Love is the rock that is our true foundation. Love is all-encompassing, and what is all-encompassing can in truth have no opposite. Yet, the ego, in its dream, has ‘created’ a world where duality seems to exist, where the opposite of God, Love, Truth, All, can be dreamt as real. In duality, the opposite of Love is fear. In reality, the opposite of Love is nothing. The ego being nothing, can not give us any sense of steadiness, balance, safety, security, clarity, peace or joy. Only God’s foundation, a foundation built on the rock of Love, can do that. We as God’s children, are forever worthy of walking and playing on solid ground. Today, let us no longer place our focus on fear, on nothing, on who we are not. Today, when you find yourself believing in the ego’s dream as your reality, do not despair, simply realize what you are choosing, and then correct your path. It is by correcting our path that we begin to see that indeed God can use even our delusions to help us heal and awaken. When we understand this, the need for judging self or other is removed from our consciousness. For what need would there ever be to judge anything or anyone, when All is always working to help us heal and awaken?

Today, if you find yourself in the ego’s storm, do not despair. It will be the life experience that you co-designed with God that will lift you out of the darkness and return you to being One with The Light. Today, simply practice catching yourself quicker and quicker when you find yourself in the ego’s storm. Then do not judge yourself for being it in. Instead, pat yourself on the back for having the self-awareness to realize that you are somewhere you need not be. Today, anytime that we are feeling out of balance, fearful, anxious, frustrated, angry, hateful, resentful or revengeful, let us realize that we have simply been caught in the ego’s storm. We are allowing the ego to think and act for us. Is it any wonder why, when we give our power away to the ego’s false concepts of fear and chaos, that we don’t feel at peace or in control? Today, let us take back the keys to our own minds. Let us recall that it is we, love, who should be in control of our thoughts, and not the ego’s fear based ideology. Today, when fear’s ideology comes knocking at our mind’s door, let us recall that it is the rock of Love that is our true and solid foundation. Let us make the conscious decision to now value Love over every one of the ego’s demands. Today, let us watch the little pebbles that the ego throws our way, fall and dissolve back into the slithery sands from which they came. When we choose to spend no time on fear, fear stops being a part of our experience. Today, let us no longer continue to build our foundation on the sandy pillars of the ego’s thought system. Instead, let us now, One with Love, begin to build through Love, a foundation that will last throughout time and into eternity.

Today, let us practice noticing the difference between building a foundation on the sandy pillars of the ego’s mindset, or on the rock solid foundation of the love of God. What is of God is eternal. It is the energy that is our Source. It is what we have come here to be, represent, build with, and share with others. What is of the ego is temporal in nature. It holds no power other than the power that we give to it. If we take our time, focus and energy, away from it, its delusional concepts begin to dissolve before our light and understanding. The ego and its tools and mindset being in opposition to Love, God, All, are nothing. This is why when we align with its fear based judgment centered ideology we feel disillusioned and unfulfilled. We feel this way because we are getting nothing in return for our investment. Let us no longer invest in what offers us no return. Instead, let us choose to align our minds with the Mind of God, and through it, on solid ground, through the energy of Love, begin to build a world that our children can prosper in, and that we can be proud of.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (5)

Read this on my way to the beach; to build sandcastles. Now I can let them dissolve back into the ocean with the returning wave along with my fears and anxiety about the world. Be still and know that I am God!

Thank you Melissa for being open to the message.

Now, when fear or anxiousness come knocking at your mind’s door, simply use them as opportunities to trust God more. The more you place your trust in God, the more peace you will get to experience.

Peace. JBC

I have q question hoping someone can answer. There ia a belief that we are here to grow and evolve and learn lessons (our souls) which I do believe. But, if we are part of God then why would God/source need to grow evolve and experience itself? Do we need a stereo to play music? People usually respond by saying that’s just how it is. I’m hoping someone has an interpretation that resonates.

Loved 3rd paragraph, so true, very true

Thank you Annie for being open to the message.

Peace. JBC

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