Daily Inspiration: June 27. No Longer Feeling Alone

You may sometimes feel lonely, but you are never alone. God is All, and as His creation, you are a part of that Whole. It is thus impossible, within Truth, to ever be alone. To think that you could ever be alone, you must first have bought into the ego’s fairy tale that says that you are separate from God. Yet, because God is All, that in and of itself would not be possible. Second, you would have to believe that God does not care about you, but God being Love Itself, that too cannot be possible. Third, you have to be convinced by the ego that you are unworthy of God, but God being Perfect only creates perfectly, and you are His creation, and thus your worth is fully guaranteed in your creation. For these three reasons alone, let us be grateful to God for not ever being left alone. All of Love’s expressions remind you of, and unite you with, Him. The more time you dedicate to the energies and expressions of Love, the less alone you will feel. For example: If you walk by a tree, feel yourself from deep within your heart and soul, offering it your love for its beauty, and gratitude for its shade. When you are talking to someone, love them for the courage it took to come from a place of perfect love, Heaven, into a world of duality, Earth, to help this world heal and awaken. When you walk outside, appreciate the sun for providing its life-giving energy to this planet. Offer the sun gratitude for showing up for us every day. These and dozens of other opportunities present themselves to us each day, so that we may through appreciation, consciously unite with Love, God. This conscious union with God, with any of Love’s expressions, help us become a beacon of light for those still lost within the ego’s dream. The more you make any of Love’s expressions, such as those of gratitude and love your constant companions, the more you will feel worthy of them. The more worthy you feel of them, the more natural and conscious your union with God will be, and thus the less alone you will feel.

Many times we have hurt ourselves or others be it through thought, word or action. We have acted in this childish manner in essence to try to get God’s, our Father’s attention. We think that if we can get God’s attention, be it through ‘good’ or ‘bad’ deed, then at least we will not be or feel forgotten, unheard or unwanted by our Father. If in your low moments you feel alone, remember that because God is All, you can never in truth be alone. You can never be alone because God and you are forever One. God, being Perfect Love, has never, nor will ever stop loving you. It does not matter if you have bought into the ego’s mindset and think of yourself as unworthy of God. God’s love for you does not depend on or change by what you do, or do not do, nor what you think of self and others. His love for you is eternally constant, complete, unchanged, unchanging, and unchangeable. Today, when a thought of loneliness tries to haunt you, take a moment, close our eyes, and say to yourself: “I now, in this very moment, accept and allow myself to feel and absorb, God’s eternal and unremitting love for me. I, right now, choose to value and support God’s love for me over that of the ego’s delusions of loneliness. Thank you God, for offering me this moment and opportunity, to remember and reinforce in me, that You and I are forever One.” This statement is to be repeated and physically felt and absorbed, every time that a thought of loneliness tries to pollute your mind. Repeat it over and over again, and as you do, visualize, breathe in and feel, wave after wave of God’s love being absorb like a sponge by your heart, body, mind and soul. Then when breathing out, breathe out your gratitude and love for God. In doing so, we recall that God’s love is forever ours, because we are forever His.

Today, let us do more than talk or say things out loud. Today let us with absolute gusto, wholeheartedly feel what it is we are saying and asking for. Today, is not a day to be shy in regards to what you want. Today, a conscious connection and a sense of Oneness with your All-Loving Source is possible. The important part is not just to think of these thoughts and say them, but to FEEL them. Feel wave after wave of love and gratitude expanding from your heart and soul into them (tree, person, sun, Creator, etc.). Then imagine and feel wave after wave of love and gratitude returning back from them to you, filling your heart, body, mind and soul. The more you practice connecting to the truth within, with your Creator and with the Love that in truth you are, the more natural and real this will feel. The more real Oneness feels, the less lonely and alone you will be. When you start becoming grateful to everyone and all, your sense of Oneness and union begins to encompass all you think of and see. You begin to see everything ‘out there’ as one of the billions of expressions of God and you. They are in essence all One with you. If you have forgotten this sense of Oneness, do not despair. View now, every time you feel alone, as a call from the Universe asking you to see everything ‘out there’ as part of you. Begin to see everyone out there, as coming into your presence, simply to help you recall that you are not alone. As you learn to see everything and everyone out there as part of you, you then become a beacon of light and hope for those lost in the ego’s dream of loneliness. Then share with others the wisdom of your life experience. Begin to show them how they too can go from feeling sad and alone to feeling hopeful and at One with all.

Today, if you are feeling alone, do not continue to focus on thoughts that only walk yourself further into darkness. Instead, recall that because God is Love and All, you could in truth never be alone. Now, focus on expressing your loving nature in which ever ways the moment seems to be requesting. If the ego demands judgment, offer forgiveness. If it tries to have you separate from others through anger and hate, be instead compassionate and understanding. You are Love’s creation and service is love put into action. Anytime you are being love, being of service, you will feel your connection to God, to All, increasing. Gratitude, as another expression of Love, unites you with others. Be grateful to all those you meet along the way for offering you the opportunity to drop your support of the ego’s delusion of loneliness, and by serving them, represent Oneness, union, God, Love on Earth. As you do so you will begin to recall that God is with you, not because you call on Him, but because being All, He has never left you.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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So perfectly spoken, thanks for the wonderful reminder !!!!!

Thank you Sibyl for being open to the message.

Peace. JBC

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