Getting Clarity When You Feel Dissatisfied with Life

Ask the Author: Question & Response

I found “You Have Chosen to Remember” to be truly illuminating on many levels. There is a gentleness and simplicity in the words you use, but the energy behind these ideas is deeply profound. What inspired you to write this book? 

– Jennifer, Wisconsin, USA

Thank you, I appreciate those comments because it is absolutely possible to express truth through gentleness and simplicity. Truth is much simpler and gentler than our egos will currently allow us to acknowledge. The ego would have us believe that truth is too complicated to understand, and too difficult to implement. It does this in order to sell us on its “truth.” It outlines its plan, even drawing us a map of the laws and principles we must follow to obtain it. We see everyone in our general vicinity basically following this same map, and thus we feel it just must be the way the ego says it is. What the ego fails to mention is that there is no treasure at the end of this map, for it ends up taking us nowhere we want to be and offers us nothing we truly desire.

Now, please understand two points:

One, I am in no way saying that the material world or what is achieved by following the ego’s map is in any way bad, negative or not worth pursuing. We must allow our brothers and sisters the freedom to choose their own way, allow them their freedom and we will be set free from our judgment of them. If we choose to advise our brothers and sisters, that is fine, but we can not be attached to them following our advice. My friend there is a fine line between advice and control. If we choose control then we will find our relationships controlling. Our brothers and sisters will grow the best way they know how, and they will find great peace and freedom once they truly and personally realize that the ego’s treasure map has nothing real to offer.

Two, when I speak of “truth.” I am in no way saying or implying that my way, my truth, is the way, or the truth. Please be assured of that. I am simply offering what I have found that offers me peace of mind and joy in the present moment. This may or may not be useful for you. If you find it useful, then I am truly honored to have been of service. If you disagree or do not find it useful then again I am truly honored that you took the time to read what I wrote, and know that I have absolute and total respect for what you choose to believe in.

You ask what inspired me to write “You Have Chosen to Remember.” It started as a personal exercise, and I still consider it more of a personal exercise than a book. Clarity was and is my goal in this exercise. One night of focusing and obtaining clarity can save days or even months of confusion.

When you start feeling confused or dissatisfied with your life or current situation, I recommend taking a night for yourself. Quiet the mind and ask your soul how you can make these feelings clearer. Fine-tune the picture in your mind. Take time to clarify these issues. Put these thoughts on paper. Be precise. The more precise you can be, the quicker you can gain clarity. Such clarity will assist you in making better decisions and save you time.

Once you decide what you want from your life, your mind sets the intent and puts out a goal, you then commit to achieving this goal. The soul or Godself then magnetizes into your life so-called accidents, coincidences, people and events to allow you the opportunity to accomplish this goal. Regardless of how they manifest, they occur in order to assist you in achieving your goal. Spiritually, the clearer you are in understanding that everything that occurs is an assistance, the more peace you will have on your journey toward achieving this goal. Mentally, the clearer you are in setting up guidelines and steps to attaining your goal, the faster you will obtain it. Physically, small steps taken toward your goal, small successes, allow the mind the peace to know that it is getting closer to achieving its goal. The clearer your purpose, the clearer your goals, the less energy you waste, the quicker you accomplish what you desire.


This Q&A Includes The Following Topics:
  • Getting clarity when you feel confused or dissatisfied with your life or current situation.
  • Inspiration behind “You Have Chosen to Remember” book.


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