Daily Inspiration: March 2. Quieting Our Internal Critic – Condensed Version

There is no one that you will communicate with more, and spend more time of your day with, then you will with yourself. There is no bigger critic of ourselves, than ourselves. Today, as we practice quieting our inner critic, the outside world will begin to feel like a less critical place. For the outside world is simply a reflection of the thoughts that we support as real within our own minds, and so the less time we spend critiquing ourselves, the less critical this world will appear. The less critical the world appears, the more at peace and secure we will feel in it. The more at peace and secure we feel, the more confident we will be, and thus the less others or even or own criticism will affect us. Putting yourself down in any way, is a sign that you are placing your trust in the ego’s will over your highest or God’s will.

Today, let us recall that the thoughts we choose to think, support and thus reinforce, will show us whose guidance we are following. God’s guidance will bring our minds into alignment with peace, compassion and understanding. The ego’s guidance will bring our minds into alignment with judgment, criticism and confusion. Thanks to free will, that choice of whose guidance we follow, is always up to us. Today, let us begin to end the power, that we once simply surrendered to the critical mind. Having a mind that is constantly criticizing itself does not make us a bad or unwise person, it is very simply a symbol that we are allowing the ego to think for us. Today, let us take back control of our own minds from the ego by no longer supporting judgmental and critical thoughts that allow the ego to rule over us.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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It would really be helpful if u could include a real life situation about how someone did this – on each lesson so that it is not just theoretical. Thanks for all u do.

Thank you Louisa for your comment. If you read the ‘full’ version of the lesson, instead of the ‘condensed’ version, you may find a better overall description there, that can help you set up and create your own real life lesson and exercise. Also, if you go to my youtube page, the daily video, when one is available, should also help you out. I am aware of the need for ‘real life’ examples, and as I ‘fully’ complete the daily exercises, they will be included. I imagine this may take a few more years to ‘fully’ complete the daily lessons to the point where real life exercises are available for all of them. Peace. JBC

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