The Illusions Of The Ego

Ask the Author: Question & Response

In your opinion, is a show of inflated ego actually a way to cover an inferiority complex?

– Bashir, London, England


The ego is a mask that we have shaped and molded, and have been trained to think is who we really are. The ego is a compilation of the illusions and lies that we heard in a fairy tale long ago, which we now choose to call reality. It is a passing fog that we charge with defending our beliefs, and a mirage in the desert that we think will satisfy our thirst.

The ego, by all definitions and manifestations, is an illusion that is real to us because we have perceived it as real and have been convinced of its reality. The ego is valued and leaned on to the degree that it is used by each individual. If a young child needed crutches to walk with, would we take them from him, or would we lend him a hand? Allow people the use of their crutches until they are well enough not to need them. Let your true self be an example to them that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and when expressing and expanding this light – no crutches are ever needed.

The inflated ego does not so much as cover over an inferiority complex – an inferiority complex is an extension of the ego. It is our focus on the extension of illusions, through the act of judgment, that creates chaos and confusion in our lives. For if we did not believe in the ego’s illusions, we would not believe in the manifestations of its extensions, and would not be sucked into the ego’s illusionary scenarios.

In situations that the ego-self would define as “a show of inflated ego,” the Godself would remind us that it is our hand and not our judgment that our brother or sister is asking for. He or she is asking for clarity and assistance in the best way this person knows how. Our decision lies between smiling, understanding and lending a hand – or judging, stressing out and regretting.

So my dear friend, smile, and lay aside all beliefs in demonstrations of inflated ego or an inferiority complex, and allow the light that is within you now to extend outward, caressing and blessing all that it comes across, turning judgment into understanding and understanding into gratitude. For wouldn’t gratitude be your response to the knowledge that God entrusted you with his son or daughter in their time of need?

This Q&A Includes The Following Topics:
  • The illusions of the ego.
  • The appearance of an inflated ego.
  • Responding to someone with the appearance of an inflated ego.

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