Daily Inspiration: September 26. Understanding Why We Experience Resentment – Condensed Version

When you are experiencing resentment, it is because you are holding onto false concepts that are not reflective of your true, loving essence and nature. God is Love and you are His creation. Your true essence and nature is love. God is All. Thus every real part of you is an expression of Love. When you are not embodying love, you are not being who in truth you are and were created to be. Resentment is not who you are or what you want. Resentment is a false program that you have been taught to view as real. When you are supporting an untruth, such as resentment, you will feel off-balanced, confused and insecure. One of the reasons you are here is to heal and that includes letting go of who you are not. You are here to learn how to release the false concepts that are blocking your awareness of your true nature.

Today, allow yourself to feel how different the energy of resentment is to your loving nature. Whenever you think of an untruth about you or others as true, your soul will call out to the Universe for help and healing. The individuals who the ego has taught you to resent are now in your life because you have asked them to help you heal. They are the best energetic match to your belief in resentment. They are the ones who volunteered to come into your life so that you may target them with your delusion. It is their presence in your life that has helped you bring this false concept of resentment into the physical realm. Viewing it in front of you, you can more clearly see what no longer belongs within you. Now, knowing this, thank and forgive the individuals who the ego has trained you to judge and resent.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember

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Comments (2)

This resonates for me this morning. I woke up feeling resentful about someone in my life, although I have been to let it go for a few days, it tried to come back today. Your message was perfect timing for me. Thank you for your message, it reminded me to catch my thoughts from wandering down that path again.

Thank you Rose for being open to the message.

When the thought of resentment tries to enter your mind, remember that you control your thoughts, your thoughts should not be controlling you.

To obtain peace do the opposite of what the ego would have you do. If the ego wants resentment, offer instead forgiveness and compassion and you will be on your path to peace.

When the ego wants you to condemn another, you already know where the ego’s mindset and demands take you, nowhere you desire to truly be. And so instead pray for that person the ego is pushing you to resent, pray for their peace and joy, their health and awakening, look for the good in them and thank them for helping you practice letting go of resentment and aligning with the state of peace. The more you practice this, the more comfortable, normal, natural and right this behavior will feel.

Note that the ego will not go quietly into the night. It will try to attack you over and over again, every time you think of that person, with the thought of resentment. Do not buy what the ego is selling. You as God’s creation are forever worthy of the state of peace, and we are all One, all forever worthy of God’s mercy and grace.

Today, allow God’s mercy and grace to lead you. When that thought of resentment tries to come back, thank, do not judge that person, for all he or she is truly doing is helping you practice taking back control of your own thoughts and mind, and thus of your life.

Would gratitude not be the appropriate response towards someone who is reminding you every time you think of them, that you have thanks to free will, the power to choose forgiveness over judgment and thus peace over pain?

Today, acknowledge the gift and opportunity your brother or sister is offering you, be grateful to them for their gift, in doing so return to the state of peace and then become a beacon of peace for all those that look your way.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

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